Sunday, November 30, 2008


The Carnage: I wish I could blame this all on a certain red headed sister-in-law, but lets be honest, children are the reason why someone created disposable tablecloths

Couldn't help but take this picture of Bobby: Found in the nursery watching the flick with the children.

War ball : the porter chaotic version of dodge ball. I think I was very possibly one of the first people out each round. I guess the strategy is not to dodge toward the ball...

The things you'll do for sisters: Black Friday: 3am. Yes, 3am is the time I set my alarm for. We got to Kohl's for an opening at 4am, to Circuit City as it opened at 4am, and to Target as it opened at 6am.

My first time waking up at dark thirty on a Black Friday was to accompany my sister Jeniel on her bargain hunting when her children were little. I thought it was a fun time to spend with her. Just the bargains alone weren't enough to motivate me, but bargains and sisters are pretty hard to beat.

Porters, Guitar Hero, & the middle of Circuit City: Enough said.

And last but definitely not least: Little Molly, Beautiful.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not Mickey

Bobby and I are apparently not friends of little furry creatures. Bobby caught a glimpse at a scampering ugly mouse hiney running through our house, and stood there jaw dropped in what he calls "a dark place of fear" trying to get the words out about our new little pet living in the wall.

We immediately went to the Depot to get a high quality $2 trap. Did you know that they come with fake looking cheese on them? Yea I didn't buy that and we slathered it with peanut butter in case we got even a remotely smart mouse (or at least one with a nose...)

I got the heebie jeebies just holding the mouse trap. It is like I suddenly felt the little critter climbing up my leg. What is with that? Why does my brain envision things to make me feel crazy!

Anywho, I'll spare you the picture of what Bobby found when he came home today...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

walls are like a box of chocolates

Before we even put an offer on this house, we thought one of its quirky aspects was that their was no access to the 2nd bedroom other than to go through the main bedroom & bath. We've imagined many an awkward scenario of visitors being locked in their room because we are still sleeping and they can't go through our bedroom, or a dinner party with guests who can not use the restroom because someone is in the bedroom and that is the only way to get to the bathroom...

So we have dreamt of putting a door along the kitchen wall that opens into the second bedroom adding much needed flow to the house.

Yesterday was the day. I thought we were getting closer to finishing the kitchen & living area (my dreams that we just had to mud & sand again and then I was going to be able to paint! Some progress that you can see!) But we decided better to just make this mess while the house is already messy, then paint and make another mess again later.

We started removing the wall and what did we discover.

A Doorway.

Yes. I love this house. There used to be a door there. Right where we wanted it (almost- we have to move it over a few inches)

Good Grief, who covered up a doorway into the second bedroom? (and yes I just said good grief, and I'll say it again) Good Grief! I should never be surprised by what I find in these walls.

And just as a bonus, Here is a picture of Kung Fu Bobby punching a hole through the drywall. He discovered that it hurts much more than it looks cool....