Monday, May 30, 2011

birthday balloons

we had a pretty big birthday around here.

bebe boy turned the big one.

since he is pretty nuts about balloons, we threw him a party, all about balloons.

 we started by slipping these little balloons into the mail to a few of bebe's little friends and family.

i had visions of our spring green yard being lined with balloons.  but mother nature wasn't up for that.  she wanted to rain and rain and rain.  so plan b.  fill the neighbor's basement with 100 helium balloons. 
turns out that there is no better way to celebrate and entertain a few of evan's little friends than to let they run through a room of ribbons attached to balloons. 

i don't know how we didn't have lift off when a 20 pound darling girl was amassed in 50 balloons and their attached curly ribbons.  
happy birthday to you!
 not so sure here...  mom's never let me have sugar before...   
i think i could get the hang of this!
 not quite sure what to do with the birthday loot...
then we each tied wishes for the birthday boy to the balloons. grateful that the sun showed up for this part!

 and sent them up, up, and away!
then we sent all the littles home with their very own balloon.  the animal crackers assisted in preventing lift off...

 happy birthday evan boy.  a year ago i had no idea what it would be like to love you.  now i don't know what it would be like not to.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

mysterious ways

who the? what the?  what is that picture of?

yea, bono, and some awesome nose bleed seats from the u2 concert.

kat's hubby was out of town for the postponed concert, so yours truly became the benefactor of his misfortune.

i had a great time with kat (and about 50k other people...)

we played, "pretend the trax train is a cattle car and guess how many people can you cram into a car." (turns out it is as many as will barely allow the doors to close, i repeat- barely.  you know those signs that tell people not to stand in the stairwell?  yea right!  me and 4 other people were in that stairwell...) 

we played trivia with all the factoids on the "claws" monster screen with great anticipation for bono (and the edge who is the hottest my personal favorite.)

we lost our hearing in the first 30 seconds of the concert (good thing for those nose bleed seats- can you imagine if we had been closer)

we danced and be-bopped among lots of crazy fans.

i discovered that i am getting old. at 11pm the concert was still going strong, and i was drooping.

good times. these u2 folks sure know how to put on a crazy good show.

***bonus factoid- the last u2 concert i went to was in 1996.  crazy.  i can't believe that was 15 years ago..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

wind advisory

i checked the weather forecast, and there were little icons of wind gushes, and a flashing red dot for a wind advisory.

what did that mean?

perfect day to bust out the kite.  - the kite we bought and used on our honeymoon in san francisco and have forgotten to make use of since.  no way was i going to let this wind advisory go to waste.

yea, that's my dad flying the kite.  i'm just going to sit here and eat my cheerios...
 yes.  i think we have found a perfect way to use those wind advisory days.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

my weekend

oh my.  this weekend was just for me.

the husband returned home from his 10 day excursion racing the byu car in new hampshire.

so nice to have a husband back.

i bought a badminton set to celebrate the weekend.

celebrate the sunshine, celebrate cinco de mayo, celebrate the birthday & mother's day. 

  the bebe apparently has another use for the badminton set.  there seems to be a theme...
we spent a fabulous weekend together.

the husband didn't get home until late cinco de mayo, so making the pinata by myself, i just made a mini one this year. and we busted it open with friends sunday evening. the culmination of a great birthday and mother's day
and to this little guy i say:
thank you for the mother's day.
thank you for making me a mother.
thank you for unconditionally loving me and letting me love you more than i knew i could.
thank you for letting me soothe you.
thank you for smiling and laughing at me.
and letting me read you books,
and sing you every song i know, as well as quite a few i don't know.
thank you for helping me discover everything for the first time again through you.
it has been quite a year.  you rocked my world and totally changed my life, and i love it.

ps.  the husband gave me the most thoughtful mother's day gift. a new book for the little guy.  i'll be honest, i didn't understand or appreciate it fully at first.  huh?  i got a book for the bebe for mother's day??  until the next day, when i had a great new book to explore with evan.  ten points to the husband for trying to make my life home with the boy just that much better.

Friday, May 6, 2011

the car

 the husband has been out in new hampshire.

they spent a year building this car, and the formula hybrid international competition is the chance to show it off.

and guess what.  they came in 2nd overall for the competion. (more on all that here)  

and i would like to add, that they had to pass technical inspections, and didn't meet the deadline for 1 event and they still came in second.  pretty much that means that had they been able to qualify to race that event, i'm pretty sure they would have finished 1st overall.  that is pretty good in my book.
when they brought that fancy little car home, they had a bbq for family members to check out and drive it.

so of course, here is our little racer (pretty much wanting to get out of the car as fast as possible...)