Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Somehow in my brain, I thought the day off for Presidents day was next week. So imagine my delight this last week when I discovered that this was the long weekend! Suddenly I was having dreams of getting away for the weekend.

It was my turn to plan the Love day festivities, so I immediately began brainstorming. And though I really wanted an excuse to splurge on some fancy place to stay, my frugal side (& my house) we calling for me to be creative. So I dreamt up a stay-cation for the two of us. I led Bobby to believe that we were getting away, and I put him in the car, drove him around blindfolded, and arrived at the esteemed Porter Cottage.

the hanging hearts thanks to martha, came highly recommended by karla last year

Inside Bobby was provided a personalized brochure outlining a vacation worth of relaxation, yummy food and entertainment.
Room Service

Art Appreciation
thanksgiving point lets you watch glass blowing and stained glass. You can even make your own flowers...

and more with movies, dinner and dancing.. but the best part was pretending like real life didn't exist around us and just being on vacation together.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

sprig of hope

These little guys got the wrong idea by our little warm streak (and I use the word warm very lightly). They have received a fresh white blanket. But hold on little guys, I can't wait to see your fresh yellow beauty line the front of our house!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Dear Husband,

Remember in the middle of the night when you reached over to my side of the bed and tried to touch me and I freaked out? Remember how I slapped your hand away and whined for you to move your hand? (which, if I recall in my half asleep stupor, was preventing me from rolling over)

Remember how this morning you actually remembered?

(Side note- remember how usually when you do anything in the middle of the night, the next morning you have no recollection of it- like that time you rolled over and punched me in the face? so how am I supposed to know that this time you were sweetly just reaching out for me and not subconsciously sprawled?)

I'm sorry! I love you! and I'll try not to freak out the next time your randomly or sweetly touch me in the middle of the night


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Commercials

While most Americans take advantage of TiVo & DVR to skip commercials, Bobby and I have DVR'd the superbowl so that we can watch the commercials, without having to sit through the whole game.

Yep. I said it, and I'm serious. I realize that many may think we are ridiculous and un-american, but I didn't marry a sports lover (a few college games per year meet our quota!)

So here we have our hamburgers and guacamole, and we are watching the game on fast forward trying to get to the commercials, and Bobby is laughing out loud.