Wednesday, May 27, 2009

generations remembering generations

all of my sisters and their families gathered at the brigham city cemetery.

i like being a family.
i like overhearing the conversations of teenagers.
i like watching them roll their eyes at me.
i like watching these kids hear about a grandpa they don't remember.
i like watching them learn of great & great great (& so on) grandparents.
i like that we walk the length of this cemetery and try to remember all of them.
i like that the bottom of dad's marker holds to quote, "to love another person is to see the face of God."

Saturday, May 23, 2009

reason #6

that i love having my own little bit of earth

i figured reasons #1-5 are buried in this blog somewhere... possibly 3 of them being daffodils- so I'm starting with #6takings naps while it is sprinkling outside

Friday, May 22, 2009

my hobby

so when i was a kid (about 10 or 11, don't remember) i worked on a cherry farm for the summer. at the end of the cherry picking season i had earned somewhere in the neighborhood of $119. Bro. Dold (who's cherry farm i worked on) offered to give me the $119 or an old 1961 chevy apache 10 step side farm truck he had. I, being a porter, of course took the truck.

i enjoyed working on it for several years, making little progress not really knowing what i was doing. i got it running and drove it around the neighborhood to the dismay of the some of the more grumpy neighbors, i mean, i didn't think the lack of an exhaust system would cause such an uproar. but then i blew-it! i, for some stupid reason i decided to chop it and piece it out. it has a in-line 6, 4 spd granny low tranny, and a posy traction rear end. every time i see one of those old trucks around i shake my head...

welcome 2009. i day dreamed about a new (old) project truck to play around with. megan was saying that she doesn't know of any real hobbies i have, but i think she knows now. i found these beauties. a 1970 chevy c/10 and a 1972 GMC sierra ( they are essentially the same truck with different trims) both for $400. i thought that was a good deal. the c10 is a 1/2 ton, equiped with a 5.7L 350 and a 4 spd granny low tranny, the sierra is just the shell. i'll be taking the body parts i need from the gmc to make the chevy. so there it is. I bought a preformer edlebrock carb and intake and will be putting that into the c10 shortly.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday Ka-bob(by)

birthday desciption in 2 words: bobby & kabob
the husband outdid himself on friday. i felt lots of love.
saturday was made possible by friends who were willing to participate in our little kabob experiment.for those of you who have not yet discovered good eats, Alton Brown is my favorite foodie. watching Dis-kabob-ulated was pretty much a double dare to give this a try in our own backyard.
(however we aren't much for digging holes in our grass. So the engineer of the family improvised)followed by an angel food cake, mmm mmmm.... this year i tried this black and white one.
it didn't come out quite as pictured on the recipe, and i think i'd add like 3 times the cocoa, but it was a fun change.
and since cinco de mayo is our favorite time to practice our pinata making skills, we just have to find a time to bust it open.. Excuses, excuses, i know. I'm full of them!
and our pinata is full of tootsie rolls and fruit snacks.thanks for the birthday love everyone!
and especially bobby, you were fabulous at cooking, cleaning, and making me smile.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

happy seis de mayo

The husband welcomed me home yesterday to a little homemade banner love. He cut out mini sombreros, bottles of beverage, pistols, donkeys, and one little snake.

And he made me taco salad. Love this man.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

build me a barn!

once upon a time our back yard had a sad looking little shed. It was great at holding all the master's belongings ( in this story the husband gets to be the master- he's a proud shed owner) but really really bad at helping the whole "aesthetically pleasing" idea for the yard...

Then the master's misses had herself a little idea. Re-store has mountains of paint cans with everyone's left over paint portions. So we selected some one else's leftovers and for $20 - by evening we had ourselves a transformation!

(truth be told- we sorted through lots of different shades of red and mixed them all together. This technique would have all together freaked me out inside my house, where we had to have the perfect shade or it would keep me up at night... But the surprise of how it was going to turn out this time felt like part of the adventure!)and there was only one casualty- notice the whiskers, eyelashes, and two-toned ear... There is no getting the paint off this pup..

mini story in the fairy tale
Macey's hadon sale for $1.99

So in between coats of paint on the barn, i decided to makeso when we were all done we got to eat
a new barn, fresh bread, and homemade strawberry jam all in a day's work? I have to admit, I feel pretty good about my friday

Now if you'll excuse me... that bread and jam is calling to me on this rainy saturday morning...