Sunday, January 27, 2008

Homemade Gifts

When I was brainstorming about Christmas presents, I decided that I wanted to make aprons for all my friends.

One day I was in Anthropologie with Bobby, and we found an apron that made me actually feel attractive (it didn't help that Bobby thought it was hot too...)

Just how most of my projects start, I had no idea how I was going to make them, nor did I have a pattern. But alas, after a few tries.. These are the product of my beginner's designs. I hope all you girls I love look gorgeous in your kitchens!!

Oh yea- and don't forget the more "manly" one that I made for Bobby- that was the one that started them all off!
And then these are my latest baby shower present.

Luckily, I didn't make up the pattern on this one! I found a pattern from Heather Bailey via my friend Karla.

Hopefully, I can perfect these a little more. And since the next batch of baby showers are little boys, I'll have to make a few alterations!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy New Year?

Is it too late to say happy new year?

We had a fabulous New Years with Snow, Friends and Games.

We ventured up to Aspen Grove with Kat and Steve to enjoy the freshly fallen snow. It was a bit fridged to say the least. (the thermometer in the car said it was a balmy -4 degrees) It was the kind of cold that actually burns any amount of skin that you leave exposed...

We hiked up near the falls and then climbed our way up this hill. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the greatest part... Coming back down the hill! Some pretty much skied their way down the hill. I however, was too scared of the unknown and rode the hill on my behind!

Then it was back in the warmth for a night of food, games, and did I mention food? to ring in the new year. We stopped by the local smith to pip up horns, hats, leis, and these little mask beauties. They made the evening all the more festive!

Our fabulous friends Tiffanie and Zak also came to enjoy the festivities (and for Zak to win every game we played!)


Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Bucket in our Bathroom

The story began a little while before Christmas.
We have a vent in our bathroom sealing. With a big rain storm that came in, we discovered a leak dripping through the vent. I quickly got a bucket. I debated about whether to call maintenance (you are only supposed to call them for emergencies- otherwise wait for business hours.) After about a day, and the presence of other pressing issues (this could a whole other story, but the sound of mini- explosions in the gas heater- and/or no heat- quickly raised the level of importance since flooding, lack of heat and gas leaks were criteria, it felt like were were bordering on all three!!) I finally called him.
While the other problems were fixed (well- semi fixed, but the apartment will never quite be a hundred percent!) He told us that he had been up there and he couldn't see where the water was leaking. He would wait for the snow/water to clear up and try to get a better look. The next door neighbors were also having some drippage in their bathroom.
So we endured a few days of drippage. And when I say drippage, let me expound on the location of the vent. The drip lands smack in front of the toilet- or should I say, EXACTLY where a person would be if they were trying to use such appliance. This- may seem slightly amusing- however, becomes quite like Chinese water torture when endured long enough... (gladly we are on the top floor- so there is AT LEAST there is not that wonder of what is in the drippage- though it is a nasty brown rusty color)
With the better weather, the drippage subsided. We never really knew if the problem had been fixed or the bad weather had just gone away. I think we went a whole two weeks without a problem and I gladly put the bucket back under the kitchen sink.
But then, sadly, it came back. And when this is discovered while you have to use the above stated appliance in the middle of the night, it is not a welcome discovery...
So we tried to make adjustments- but let me tell you- the area RIGHT in front of this appliance is hard to avoid- no matter how flexible you are. I quite frequently find myself the recipient of unwelcome drips, right when I thought that I was out of the way.
Then it went away again.
But alas, it is back. I have complained again. But I'm not sure what good that is going to do for me. I was complaining about this while at dinner at a friends house, and they suggested that we tape a cup to the ceiling, but there is way to much water for that.
So Tuesday night, Bobby tied the bucket to the vent via dental floss (See Eric- Dental floss is actively used in our house!!) and I had a drip free night!! (well, I could still hear it all night, but at least it didn't drip on my head during the middle of the night appliance use!!)