Sunday, October 16, 2011

we are family

 sunday afternoon.  we took advantage of taking photos in our backyard while the leaves were gorgeous. (by meesh)

this one tells the real story.  i love me that bebe boy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

proud mama moment

though evan was sleepy face and walking around with his blanket smothering his face, he apparently wasn't ready for his nap yet.

20 minutes in the crib brought about a lot of chitter-chatter and a throwing of everything in sight, out of the crib.  when he was no longer appeased in the crib, and i went to get him, he just started giggling.

i decided that this was the perfect time to run my errands.  about 20 minutes into it, it was apparent we were revisiting the need for nap time.

this is where the mama desperation set in.  you see, falling asleep in the car would result in not transferring to the crib, and a very tired, somewhat miserable afternoon -for both of us-

and this is why any good mama needs to have emergency snacks in her purse- but i didn't.

so then i looked around for what would keep him awake for the 10 minute drive home.

krispy kreme. the drive through was right there...

done.  i went through the drive through and bought a dough--nut.  for the boy who i hardly ever feed junk to.

i then proceed to toss bits of doughnuts into the backseat at the bebe boy hoping to keep him awake.

a few minutes later i look in the rear view mirror and see a boy, with his eyes closed, still doing the hand-to-mouth motion.  poor tired thing.  then the motion slows and he is drooping, eyes closed and wad of doughnut in the fist.

i tried to sing every song i know and make it the last 3 minutes home.

when we pull into the driveway, and i go to retrieve the bebe boy, i find a glaze and crumb covered sleeping boy.

wish i had a picture of that.

that was a proud moment as a mama.  the insanity i attempted resulted in a 20 minute nap.  better than nothing.

***warning:  a summer's worth of procrastination has been looming over my head. i finally gave in uploaded an entire summers worth of photos, apologies for the bazillion posts that follow.***