Friday, August 29, 2008


The for sale sign can come out of the yard... Today I signed the papers for our first house!

These pictures are as much for Bobby as the rest of the world. He went out of town this weekend for work and left me to sign our life away!

(I know some of you are mad because you have yet to get the final word nor see photos, but alas, being homeless cuts down on the blogging time!) So here it is, a little picture of our house! I hope that better ones will be coming as well as some before and after photos!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cars Cars Cars

For months I've been trying to find stuff to do to that Bobby will love. Often when I just want to spoil him I resort to Food and Movies, but I'm pretty sure cars are really the way to his heart. I finally found a local car show and got to take him on a date that was completely for Bobby.
I'm fairly certain that our future retirement will be invested in old cars.. He wants a Old beater truck, the polished refurbished one, the 4-wheeler, and of course classic Ford Model A to fit in with the rest of the Porter men clan.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

zucchini baseball bat

Living with friends (and their garden) has given me the chance to experiment with zucchini. I love to play with recipes and try to figure out how to make them healthy and still have them taste good. I'm no expert at this- but sometimes I make a good combination and love that it is good for me too... (and sometimes at the grocery store bobby just wonders out loud about when he will get to have milk with fat, hamburger instead of ground turkey, and good ole' white flour-- don't feel too sorry for him, I love him so much I give him more than his share of ice cream!)

This Zucchini was one we pulled from the garden. I pretty much had to brace my back as I held it over the trash bag peeling it. IT WAS HUGE! I swear it was fatter that a baseball bat...

Here is the recipe I liked most out of my zucchini experiments ( this zucchini had enough in it for many experimental batches!) I read through the reviews that then tweaked it replacing most of the oil with applesauce, eggs with egg beaters, and then used oat bran instead of wheat germ (mostly because that is what I had) and used only wheat flour. It was really moist (but I did miss the crunchy crust of other breads a little bit) I guess I'll keep experimenting!