Tuesday, March 31, 2009

bake me a cake

Sunday night I found myself restless. I was just getting over a cold and thus had been contained in the house a lot, and Sunday the husband found himself with the same cold and many a movies had been watched on our little TV.

I decided it was a good time for me to bake a little bread. After some quick mixing, I found it in the rising stage, and I still had little to do.

I looked around the kitchen in my restlessness, and decided to make a dessert. I thought about brownies, but wasn't motivated. I my eyes fell on the plethora of grapefruits in my fruit bowl. They had been on sale 10 for $1 and snatched up 10. There 8/10 of them still sat.

Don't get me wrong, I like grapefruit, but they take more effort to eat than a grab-n-go fruit, so they often get over looked.

So I googled Grapefruit dessert, checked out my options and found this Grapefruit Meringue cake. It was quite a task, with the cake, custard and meringue, and I'd say the review was fair to good, I'd make some improvements if repeated. But it made for a fun evening, and a mess of a kitchen!

UPDATE: The bread challenge of 2009 is going well so far- we've tried out several recipes and enjoying fresh bread in the house. Still looking for a PERFECT recipe, but we have a favorite and are still trying them out, so if you have a recipe for the running, I'd love to try it out!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Craving Sunshine

The rest of the husbands planning was to take me camping for our anniversary.
although we went down south chasing the sun... the dessert has wickedly cold evenings. I wore thermals, PJ's, wool socks, sweatshirt, fleece, hat, mittens, 15 degree sleeping bag, and 3 blankets on top to keep me warm. But getting up in the middle of the night was possibly torture!

Yep. this is perhaps a perfect image of what i looked like in the morning... (and don't even ask about the hair under that hat! It gave the husband a good laugh, and possibly resembled ruthies...)

and we were off for our hike in the sunshine! The pup had a home in this here backpack (which he promptly bailed out of-- but which he later came to appreciate after hiking a few miles and getting sufficiently pooped!)
Bobby's first time in a slot canyon: little wild horse canyon

considering the broken state of the camera, we were having fun taking "blind" pictures and hoping they captured some of the grandeur of this place.
after sufficiently exhausting ourselves in the canyon, we spent a few more minutes in the sunshine and took a peek at the goblins in the valley.

Monday, March 9, 2009

happy 2 years

Bobby created this little scavenger hunt for me monday night..
(This clue he left next to our beloved Chaser, who was with us on our wedding day, but appears to be nearing his last swim...)

the husband had stashed all these goodies with an evening full of plans in the high kitchen cabinets for me to find. (Luckily the flower leaves were hanging out a bit just begging for me to find them!)

Thanks for always making me smile bobby. you are my favorite.

*the screen is currently broken on our camera- so we are basically making our bests guess at the general direction of our object and hoping for the best when we download them.. It has been broken since V-day when we think someone sat on it??? So there is no camera fanciness for the time being.. Or even aiming for that matter..

Friday, March 6, 2009

Meet Stinson

Bobby gave me this Valentine's Day card
I hope you know this song- or at least can imagine Bobby trying to sing it to me to make sure I got the tune while I read the card!
(we may be a little more cheesy than romantic.. but I love him that way!)

Inside he wrote : "Lets get a PUPPY!!"
and then I knew the husband must really love me...
(and the secret is that he has slowly been wanting one more and more- but he'll blame it on me, and I'll take the heat for it!)