Sunday, September 27, 2009

dear mr. police officer

thank you for keeping our fair city safe.

thank you especially for the extra patrolling on the little streets in our lovely west neighborhood.

thank you for helping whomever is screaming outside right now.

it doesn't sound like they wanted your help very much, but it sure sounds like they needed it.

but i was asleep.

and the red & blue lights are beyond disco on our bedroom walls right now.

for the second time this week

can i at least get notice so i can schedule a party?

Monday, September 21, 2009


this morning was a beautiful crisp one. one when crawling under the blankets seems so inviting.

but i fought the urge and went up to the trail to take myself & the pup on a little run. i was instantly rewarded with how beautiful it was.

i even got a glimpse at a few deer scampering around- no doubt not wanting to be friends with stinson-

then i felt a little something on my head.

then i felt a little something that hurt on my head.

i swatted at my head.

all while running mind you...

and felt a foreign object on there.

with the stinging sensation and bug like object on my head, i began swiping madly at the top of my head and heard a little bzzz.

i really hope for their sake that someone got a glimpse of this...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

reason #9

that i love having my own bit of earth

piles of peppers perfect for fresh salsa.

Friday, September 11, 2009

if you want the best jam...

last week, i spent my friday off (have i mentioned that i love having friday's off??) with friends picking berries.

it is no small feat getting a good collection of these little guys and i have a new appreciation of the sometimes high prices for the wee little baskets at the store...debby snapped this beauty of me in recommended picking attire. apparently if you attach the milk jugs to your belt, you can pick with 2 hands. i'm thinking they get some serious berry pickers out here! the camera was a completely optional accessory chosen merely because of my good fashion sense...

peach, peach-raspberry, raspberry-peach, raspberry, raspberry- blackberry, blackberry

and a mess of a kitchen. because you know, if you want the best jam, you got to make your own.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


so today started out just being a busy day.. not bad so much.

i was late to almost every meeting, trying to get just one more thing done before i went. but i got there, and i got everything done that i needed to.

then, as i was driving home from a meeting in salt lake, i saw a dear friend on the road. just so happened that she needed a ride home from the car shop. i was happy to oblige.

i parked at her little home and went upstairs for a bit. the next thing i knew, her phone was ringing. a friendly neighbor asking her if she was aware there was a blue subaru being towed from her driveway. nope. sure wasn't aware of that. yep. that was my little subbie. i could rant my frustration here about the ridiculous nature of being towed from a driveway... but i'll spare you, and spare myself a repeat. i'll suffice it to say that provo towing lords are absurd, and i'm pretty sure they have more power than the police department.

$150 later...

we had a little upswing on the day... i had my first go at making nam tok, and it was quite successful. this is my fav from the land of smiles. if you haven't had it, go to your local thai restaurant and ask for beef waterfall.

then someone let me at the dishes. scrubbing, scrubbing, crack... that was the handle off of bobby's favorite giant reese's mug from new york. right on off. sweet. yep. that one made me cry a bit. but i decided to give another go at the dishes.

big mistake...

turned on the garbage disposal and managed to eat up a fork and spoon.


and just to top it off, how about how the dishwasher (which is unsecured due to the lack of countertops) pops out and the trays of loaded dishes just about slide across the room.

for real. and with that. i think i have permission to go to bed and try again tomorrow..

Monday, September 7, 2009

laboring day

mrs. porter...

mr. porter...can anyone tell me the difference in this room? oh boy can i! this is the first glimpse at finishing touches in our little abode. trim baby trim!

then we got ourselves a hamburger. but is it cheating if we bought it instead of grilling? on labor day? is that blaspheme?