Monday, April 16, 2012

easter do-over

easter was a little low key around here. 

i ended up at the hospital two days before easter (after 2 ridiculous days of pain that i tried to pass off as gas pain...)getting my gallbladder removed.  not something that i had planned for, and not really the easter weekend i had planned. but i must say, i'm feeling much better without that pesky gallbladder...

there went my plans for easter baskets, egg hunts, making matching easter pants for the boys and making surprise rolls for easter dinner.

instead the husband was doing a great job taking care of me and the babe, while evan was blissfully unaware and spending the weekend with my sister and his cousins.

but i couldn't let it go.  i was sad that all the little plastic eggs that were out on the kitchen counter had never been filled with candy.  moreover, i had never even purchased the candy to fill them with.

so easter morning we logged on to and listened to all sorts of goodness that helped us remember what the day was really all about.

then we made up for the rest of festivities over the next few days.  i didn't care the day, just enjoyed doing them together, and watching evan explore all these new things to do.

bonus:  when you buy the easter candy the day after, cadbury mini-eggs are $1.25!  i may have purchased more than necessary to fill those plastic eggs...
 planed in our pear blossoms
 these crazy plastic things are everywhere!

  jackpot! a couple eggs were filled with new matchbox car and i'm pretty sure he thought that was even better than candy...
 the best part of decorating eggs were the stickers.  otherwise he tried to drink the colored vinegar water and take giant bites out of still shelled eggs.  yuck.
  and sharing the stickers
really the only reason to buy robin eggs.  i thought about painting will's lips too... bobby talked me out of it...
 that is a real smile folks.  that is pretty big around here!  (awesome bow tie sponsored by katrina!)

one of them is a little more excited about this arrangement than the other...

and a bonus just because he was smiling...

now if we can manage a do over for our anniversary from a month+ ago when evan had a fever of 103, my best friend was getting married the next day, and willis ended up in the hospital a few days later...  how do the best plans and intentions end up by the way side with a mere 2 little ones?