Saturday, October 31, 2009

halloween from closet hideaways

approximately .33 days before halloween, i started the "hmmmm.... what should we be for halloween" debate.

i started to recall random articles of clothing that always seem to survive the closet purge sessions.

example 1: the husband's furry hat. i don't really know how to continue to explain here. it is a baseball hat, half covered in fur with writing on it that doesn't make sense at all. go korea. but almost every time we are cleaning the room, one of us ends up wearing the hat during the task, completely amused.

example 2: those of you who have history with me will recall the overall phase. i believe it was more of an overall period really, it lasted so long. i even believe some of my senior photos were even taken in black cord overalls. yes. those pictures will never be dated! i have a certain pair of men dickies in a size i never should have owned or wore (ode to that lovely time in my history.)

i asked bobby, "if we were too design a costume around your furry hat, what would it be?" "trucker." he responded. done and done. enter me with a drawn on beard.

so i thought it was only appropriate bobby's costume be from my closet. the husband must love me. he wore my overalls and let me draw freckles on his face with eyeliner.


anyone else singing "this is halloween, this is halloween" over and over again in their heads?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my take on farmer...

this is me every Saturday this summer (and into a few of the chilly fall Saturdays) hanging out at the farmer's market in provo. i was peddling ChicoBags, my personal favorite reuseable grocery bags.

full disclosure, until this summer i always thought it was dumb and slightly annoying to go to the farmer's market and see all the craft booths. "produce," i thought, "i'm at the FARMER'S market because i want farm fresh produce." not so much embroidered pillow cases. but when i found out that because i live approximately 3.5 houses away from the market, it was free selling for us in the neighborhood, the dollar signs of entrepreneurship flashed before my eyes.

not only is chico my hometown, but my sister-in-law works for the fabulous
green company, and i happen to agree that this product is pretty great. i felt like even frugal (okay sometimes cheap) provo, could see the light and fall in love with this product.

so there i sat, saturday after saturday. luckily debby had also caught the entrepreneur spirit, and I had a partner in crime for my saturday shift.

truth be told. i should never be an entrepreneur. its not in my blood. and if i add up the time i spent sitting there and the amount of money made in 4 months of saturdays, well, let's just say i really shouldn't do the math. it will just make me sad.


we decided early on that i was just aiming at earning enough to buy us something that we would ordinarily not splurge for.

yes, a robot. totally not joking here. as a youngster, i asked for a robot for christmas several years in a row. my brother, jared, and i even bargained with the parents that it could be our joint christmas present. no such luck.

so when we found a robot that would sweep our floors for us, and keep them stinson hair free, so we could have a dog and not feel like our house looked like we had a dog... sold! the perfect splurge! is this a commentary on our state of laziness? Wall-E anyone?

last saturday was my last posing as a farmer. and- i earned, to the dollar, enough for this bot, yet to be named, to be welcomed into our home.

Friday, October 23, 2009

pregnancy moment

well i was going to einsteins with debby and robyn for our free bagel friday-but I had a yucky morning.

it my my day off anyway and i was laying in bed all morning and almost called to report i wasn't going.

but I felt like i was just being a lazy boob

so I started to go and stinson was making me crazy
jumping on me and i was yelling and him -trying to get him to heal and feeling frustrated, tired, and overall not peachy

so I battled stinson all the way to einsteins.

i walked and it was hot with all sorts of aromas (smells that in normal life would be fine and possible even pleasant) and i thought i was going to lose it in line- like ask them where their bathroom was and run (i pray those moments don't have to happen in public)

by the time i get outside- i leave stinson tied up and just try to get a bite of the bagel. so he swats at me (when has that ever been okay, oh yeah... never!) and my bagel and it falls on the grounds.

I burst into tears and laughter at the same time... totally crying.

so then I told robyn that it might be a good time to tell her that I was pregnant (not just completely crazy)

I was totally laughing but couldn't stop crying.

that is my story for the morning

Friday, October 16, 2009

reason #10

that i love having my own bit of earth

a deck full of fall.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

mental case

oh good grief... i've never had such an adversarial relationship with food.

so here's a story for you...

bobby was trying to get me to eat something for lunch. i finally decide that a costa vida salad sounds good and we go to get it- take out. we bring it home- and they gave me the wrong dressing. i almost started crying- the flavor i wanted was the citrus-y vinaigrette (not so much ranch..)

then bobby starts eating and realizes that there is no meat on either of our salads- the other flavor i had been wanting. plus lets be honest- a vegetarian salad only would have cost like $4

so we drive all the way back... and by the time we get back home i eat like 4 bites and am done because now i don't want anything again.

but i ate an apple... hope that counts for something!

Monday, October 5, 2009


feeling yucky& pathetic. bobby thought it was cute and snapped photos... sad face...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

fall drives

perfect escape between conference sessions and rain storms. even the cows were out.