Friday, June 27, 2008

Rodeo Time

Growing up, I'm fairly certain there was a rodeo every year at the Silver Dollar Fair, yet I never did participate in this interesting yet highly entertaining ritual.

A few years ago, I attended my first Rodeo out here in Utah, and decided that once a year (if I went more often than that, I think it would lose its nostalgic appeal) I have to make sure to attend the Rodeo. I have deemed the Strawberry Days Rodeo in Pleasant Grove my favorite (though truth be told, I haven't been to any other... and I can't bear to- I love the small town charm that comes out in this strange western ritual!)

What do I love about this event you ask?

#1. The Mutton Busting- Small children trying their darndest to stay on very confused sheep!

#2. The Strawberry's & Cream- for a dollar you can get yourself a cup of fresh strawberries and cream. Yummy!

#3 The wild cow milking. Several teams of 3 crazy men chase after wild cows that are let out of the rodeo shoots and attempt to get some milk out of them into a small bottle. The first team with a measurable amount wins. In the mean time we get to watch grown men get dragged around trying to grab/hang on to wild cows. It is pretty hilarious.

I'll be perfectly honest, after these three events are over, I'd be content to go home before the bull riding ever starts, and the "be nice to animals" side of me comes out during some events.

This year was Bobby's first rodeo. I think he appreciated it well enough. But his favorite part, hands down, was the motor cross halftime show. Crazy stunts on motorcycles. I thought the men were going to die like 5 times. Bobby loved it!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a poll for my sanity...

So if any of you have talked to us recently, you would know of our recent house buying dilemma...

This is definitely proving to be a trial for my patience, something that I have never been especially good at in the first place, but it is apparently an amazing virtue of Bobby's!

So I have decided to request audience participation and am posting a poll regarding our housing options. (Note: we still reserve the right to make any decision we want regardless of the outcome of the poll, yet want your input anyway!!)

Awesome old house, Built in 1898- but with all the nitty gritty stuff updated already

1200 Square Feet- Huge Rooms- 10Ft ceilings and plenty of ideas for how to infuse our personality into the place.

The down side: This house is being sold by short sale. -Basically one step before foreclosure for the sellers, but means the bank takes a loss and they have to approve the sale too- and because they are going to lose money on it- they aren't in a hurry to make anything happen. In summary- We don't know how long we will have to wait to find out if we can get this house, and even if we spend 3 months waiting there isn't a guarantee.

Cute cottage style house- already pretty updated and finished.

Only 750 square feet, and a little more expensive

But the sellers want out by the end of the summer, so this one could be more of a sure thing.

So there you have is- Our dilemma- Exercise patience, but possible wait for something that won't pan out, or go for the sure thing, and have it be just not quite as perfect!

One more thing to factor in: We have to move from our current apartment by July 28th- so any waiting would have to involve moving somewhere else for a temporary home..

Happy Voting!

Who said buying your first home wasn't a fun experience!
***UPDATE*** We are going to try our gambling luck (and hopefully not try our patience!) and wait and see what happens with the house we love!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

grown up birthday boy party

What more could Bobby ask for? Pizza, Root beer, Wiffleball and Friends... Thanks to all those who came out- Bobby was so excited that he got to play with his friends for his birthday!

PS- Special thanks to Jason for his awesome improve stand-up comedy!

Friday, June 6, 2008

How could I not fall in love with this?

In honor of Bobby's birthday, I thought I would give you a little peak into what made me fall in love with him. Just as Bobby and I were flirting with the idea of dating each other, Bobby and his then roommates, Steven and Blair, got up in front of the entire ward to do their own rendition of Aicha- ( a mockery of this-)

Bobby is the one on the right... (sorry the quality isn't perfect- someone happened to capture this on their camera)

How could I not be proud to snag this gem? It may not be a side of Bobby that we get to see often, but its there, and I love it! (and I would just like to take this opportunity to publicly remind Bobby that once upon a time- though it may have been a long while ago.. he DID give me permission to post this on the blog!!)

I love you Bobby! Happy Birthday!!