Wednesday, June 30, 2010

what a month...

can hardly believe it has been a month already.

i've learned so much.

and have so much to learn.

love ya kid.

has it been a month? if you are born on the 31st and the next month only has 30 days, do you call it on the 30th? i just did!

Saturday, June 26, 2010



i wish i could say that the cucs and tomatoes came from our garden too, but not quite yet... i guess i can't claim the chicken or bacon either, but that would be amazing!

if anyone local wants a bit of lettuce, come visit!

Monday, June 21, 2010


i decided that i didn't really have time to water the garden today.

so i decided it would be more efficient to just put the sprinkler on it.

then i dutifully ignored the timer that went off reminding me to move the water.

that is when my square foot garden turned into a square foot swimming hole.

a muddy one...

oops.i tried first to shovel tupperware containers full of water out- fearing and listening for bebe squawks- before resorting to punching large holes in the garden lining. it was after all, supposed to be drainable in the first place...

added bonus.
today i also decided to just put my pjs back on after showering instead of real clothes. (read: bebe started crying before shower was finished, and pjs were closest clothing to locate. then i just left it that way...)

and today is the day that so far 3 people have come to my door. awesome.

i'm now dressed people, so feel free to stop by!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

it's written all over me...

that's how i say happy father's day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

you told me so...

it's official... i'm a mama.
i'm going to go ahead and admit that i was down right scared to be a mom.

sometimes i felt bad, wondering if i was missing that feminine gene that made me crave babies and children. i think i had that gene when i was 20 and taking sweet child development classes at byu. i also thought i knew everything back then too...

then, the longer i went, and the more used to a bit of a selfish and self indulgent lifestyle i became, the more it sounded like it was just going to be hard and began to scare me. it didn't help that any real life experience i had taught me more and more that i knew less and less...

i mean, i liked kiddos alright, but usually thought they were just fine in the family they were in, and wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with one that belonged to me...

everyone told me that it would be different with my own. that somehow i would just love them.

it isn't that i didn't believe you all-- but i don't think i was really going to get it until i heard that first pathetic little cry that rocked my heart. i can still hear that little cry in my head.

but i do love this little boy, yes i do.

evan- 5 days old
photos by megan hess (aka the other megan!)
and how could i not love these faces?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

celebrating the husband

made possible by:
the inflatible donut: i'm still pretty immobile around here. this was my permanent seat at the party (and in life... somehow during all my prep and taking into account all the care and attention that would need to be paid to bebe evan, i overlooked the reality of my own after care... this donut is worth valuable money to me. i'm serious. it may only cost like $2, but i would pay much much more for it!)

pizza: it is not only bobby's favorite food, i'm pretty sure it is an entire food group to him. thank you take-n-bake!

the porter birthday ballon: the husband got me this balloon for my birthday (may 8th) it is still going strong. it has celebrated my 30th, our son's birth, and the party-o-bobby. step aside mylar, whatever this ballon is made of has you beat!

coca-cola: this was bobby's one birthday request. we aren't much for drinking soda around here, but the husband likes coca-cola of the glass bottle variety only. it became my entire purpose and inspiration behind throwing him a shin-dig. a cooler full of the glass bottle varieties. drink up babe.

stripey straws: since i knew i was throwing him a coca-cola pizza party, how could i resist the striped paper straws?

tim tam slam: bobby loves to dunk (read: drown) all things cake, cookie, biscuit, roll etc. in milk, so i knew this was the tradition for him. you bite off opposite corners of these cookies, and suck milk through them, thoroughly soggifying the cookie inside the chocolate shell. yum. they sold these australian cookies in thailand, and we made a tradition of slamming every sunday night.

thanks for celebrating with us, i do love the husband.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

bebe daddy is having a birthday!

it has been one busy fun filled week around here, but i couldn't let the husband's birthday slip by without a little pomp and circumstance.

is it possible that this bebe has made me love the husband even more? and that the husband makes me love the bebe even more? its true i tell you.


happy birthday to the husband!!isn't it great how much they already like to hold hands?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

definately a memorial day...

i don't know if this little guy has the husbands laid back patient personality, or my inherit stubbornness. either way, it seemed he needed a touch (read- a lot) of coaxing to come out.

the dr. told me it was time to help him out, and i dragged it on, hoping the little guy would make his own entrance.

so they started sending me in for regular non-stress tests to make sure he was holding out okay.

turns out that one little blip they didn't like on the heart rate strip on friday and high fluid levels, meant that i got to become a regular visitor in labor and delivery confirming he was still holding out okay every day until he came out.

sunday, i gave in to the daily question from the dr, "you sure you don't want to start today?" i felt like i had already spent as much time in the hospital checking on him as it would have taken to have the baby (turns out maybe i underestimated how much time that can take!) they gave me something to help soften my cervix and sent me home, where i wanted to be for as long as i could.

we took the chance, since the next day was memorial day, to go to the provo city cemetery.  we wandered around, and i chatted about the lives all these people must have led.  we  visited mike's (our neighbor) grave. every once in a while i would go silent and hold really still and the husband would know that i was having a contraction. 

when they had me come back to the hospital, my body had finally done its job, and was starting to work on getting the baby here. i didn't even need the second dose of the softener, and they let me go home one more time, to relax and labor at home.

sunday was a night of no sleep for me (but don't you worry, bobby slept just fine!!) as i contracted every ten minutes or so, and grew excited that our little bebe was finally coming.

monday morning found us back at the hospital, and dr. wanting me on pitocin so he could finally get things really going. i had really wanted anything but to be induced, but at this point, my stubbornness was wearing thin, my tiredness was setting in, and most of all, i was getting ready to meet this little son of mine!

not everything went as i had planned. (imagine that! lesson number one from my son on learning to give up control!) but i wouldn't change a minute of it, or the time that bobby and i had to grow more and more excited about meeting the little guy that was about to change our lives.

so without further ado, i give you a little more of a peek into our memorial day...

one more belly picture for good measure...
for someone who started out wanting no wires attached to me, i think i ended up with every wire possible (and an oxygen mask- but that picture really isn't cute!) i think it was the last wire that made it possible for me to smile in this picture!  (when they put that wire in, the anesthesiologist kept telling me to "curl up like a mad cat."  what???  helpful???)i wish you could see better the smile on bobby's face. i tried to grab the camera a capture how precious it was as he followed his son around the room. i was jealous and wanting to stand beside both of them, but i love bobby for loving our son.
words can't explain how i love this picture.
our little strong man.

he had rough couple of hours. they took him to the nicu to monitor his breathing. dad diligently didn't let him out of sight.
and i sure was glad to see them both again.

welcome to our family evan robert porter. you are named after two men i hope you want to be just like- my father who i love dearly, and your father, who i know you will also love dearly.