Sunday, March 28, 2010

the one-sequined shoe.

once upon a time, these were some of my favs. i'm not usually a sequin-y kind of girl, but I loved the fun green sparkle this duo added to the end of a normal pair of jeans.

today bobby looked down at my feet and told me that i only had one sequin left on my right shoe.

i looked at him and told him that today i felt like my right shoe. a semblance of my former glamourous self.

today when we started to sing hymns, i couldn't figure out why the page was not to be found in my scriptures. i started several sentences and couldn't for the life of me figure out by the end why i had started them in the first place. and generally felt like a pretty class act space cadet.

here's to me and the green flats. some days we're just better than others!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

husband quote of the week:

"you cry like a 4-year old."

i'll give it to him, i kind of do. but it was funny to hear him say it- well maybe not so funny at the time of me actually crying.

he followed it up with the stuttering explanation- you are one of the strongest, most stubborn women i know, but when you cry, you just look like a sad 4- year old little girl.

i guess this would explain why sometimes in the middle of an especially irrational breakdown, he is usually attempting to comfort and not laugh at the same time...

Friday, March 19, 2010

tax man

however incorrect the notion may be, tax returns has always felt like "free bonus money." i like to forget that it was money i already paid in the first place, and as a bonus- it need not be controlled by any of the normal budget restrictions.

normally that accompanies dreams of vacations or shopping trips. if you know bobby, he would strike that and insert- compressor, various large saws, and other crazy tools and truck parts...

a sure sign that we are growing up, is that this years dreams came to fruition in the form of our very own, functioning, new, clean, washer and dryer.okay maybe it is pushing it a little to say dreams... but imagine if you will- no more 4-5 cycles to dry a single load, and not taking all day to get 2 measly loads done (and admittedly when i wait for so long just to get them clean... it usually took a couple more days to get back around to actually folding them and putting them away...)

nope! this morning i happily got 3 loads of clothes cleaned while i worked in the yard. then i decided to clean every other linen in our house as a bonus, because i can, and because the machines blissfully do their job! this may be no dream purchase for many, but oh boy, it is making my day today.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

talk about a dirty bathtub...

isn't that a pretty sight? who wants to clean this beauty for me?

last year i discovered this little gift in our overgrown side yard. rogue daffodil bulbs. i had intentions to dig them up in the fall and place them elsewhere so that this spring they could be seen and enjoyed. we all know that i like to enjoy myself some daffodils.

but i have one bone to pick with mother nature. who wants to put effort into something in the fall that doesn't reap benefits until the spring?? that doesn't work well for the procrastinator in me. maybe that is the lesson... mother nature isn't much of a procrastinator...

so reality is- i'm not sure that it even occurred to me in the fall. but if it did, i quickly decided i didn't really want it that badly anymore.

so here over the past few weeks, i've seen the green tips peaking up through the dirt and teasing me. see, now that it is spring, i'm motivated! i want to enjoy these perfect yellow treasures!

so i did it. i'm gambling with transplanting the bulbs. i took my day off and dug them all up. -insert visual image of dirty pregnant woman sitting in the sideyard here-
i scrounged up every pot, vase, jar, and salt & pepper shaker in the house. planted half of the bulbs in soil and cleaned half to try to force to grow in water.

and now i've filled up every window sill in the here's to bringing the sunshine indoors. if they all grow we're in for a lot of sunshine. plenty to share on visits with friends and neighbors. let's hope it works and i didn't just kill them all!

and yes... i did clean out the tub...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

bobby, meet the spa...

you may know me and my tendency to struggle sitting still. i'm a mover and a shaker-but maybe not the skilled dancing kind...- i like active adventures and exploring pretty places.

further evidence i've grown a little bit more like the husband was our anniversary celebration activities. you see, this year was my turn. i started out with grand ideas of forgetting all worries of budget and responsibility and taking a last child-free excursion. then downgraded to local adventures. but really, when i thought about it, all i wanted was time. time together. chill time at that. bobby what have you done to me?

so the plotting began. and i had the perfect chill activity in mind. bobby and i were going to go to the spa. you see, husband of mine has a particular love for getting his back scratched. how could he not love the combined, scratch- read exfoliate- massage lovliness? And we happen to have a delightful spa school in the neighborhood that makes it even more user friendly for us somewhat poor- or saving for bebe- folks.

we stole a few hours away from work and school in the middle of the day, and i sprung the news on him right before we left. he didn't need to stew on it too long for fear of freaking himself out with false images of pedicures and painted nails. and off we went a-pampering! bobby getting the ultimate back scratch, and myself a lovely facial, seems i have a slight bump preventing me from laying on the stomach region...

image stolen from the dating days... i didn't actually sneak a camera into the spa. actually didn't even think twice about taking pictures all the day long...

it was a lovely time with the husband. we had lunch. we enjoyed spending some daylight hours together. he kept commenting how nice it was to see the sun. poor sad dungeons and fluorescent lighting at byu...

we topped the day off with an evening p.f. changs picnic on the bed. it was glorious. when the lights were out and we were drifting off to sleep, he mumbled something about doing this again tomorrow... i think that means he liked it...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


three years ago we were two totally different people who liked each other a whole lot, and were pretty dang excited to get married.

i think i've grown a little bit more like him,

and he's grown a little bit more like me,

we still like each other a whole lot,

and we are growing a little one of us.

Monday, March 8, 2010

i heart sundays

sometimes sundays feel like the busiest day of the week.

and sometimes we have sundays when we aren't quite sure what to do with ourselves all day long...

and those feel like a gift.
playing games and cooking together in the kitchen (even when the food turns out to be a bit of a bust. i'm officially soliciting good cinnamon roll recipes. i have a major hankering for them at the moment...)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

it's not easy being green

i love the color green. I love grass, limes, pears, spring leaves, bamboo, clovers and even moss...

so how come i can kinda hate every green paint chip at home depot?
*** this photo isn't really true to color, so that doesn't really help much either...

So- we went with the one on the right- japanese fern- it looks much better on the whole wall without the kelly green background (bobby kept asking me what kelly green was, and why i kept calling it that) i promise, at least to me, it doesn't look like split pea soup....

Monday, March 1, 2010

how to host the olympics

ensure a colorful, celebrated welcome of each participant. even if it means making construction paper chains. hey- childhood was great for a reason right?

prepare good food representing the host country. recognizable olympic memorabilia flags don't hurt for that welcoming feeling either.

refreshment is a must. it help new members of the event feel right at home. on that note: welcome jason, the newest official member of our little adopted family via the elopement of our dear merissa.

when guests begin to make snooty or bored faces, by all means bring on the maple leaf adorned cake. thank you sarah and all food and refreshment contributors.

entice guests with loot of gold, silver, & bronze.

then let the games and watching of the closing ceremonies begin!

congrats to the katrina & steve family for a sweeping victory of gold & silver!

lastly, be prepared for emergency changes in venue (though not necessarily due to climate- it is a good option in case the husband decides to get all germy and un-party-like)