Friday, April 24, 2009

celebrate trees!

Red Butte Garden was the perfect place to celebrate Arbor day. (i didn't do anything for earth day, and hey I love trees, so I went with celebrating this one instead!It didn't hurt that they had 150,000 daffodils out either. I was giddy like a school girl...They even gave us a free tree to plant in our backyard!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

snow, snow go away come again another (year)

2 days ago, after a walk with the pup. I decided to take pictures of our flowers.
I love daffodils, and I have been watching like an excited child as each bulb shot out of the ground and bloomed. Seriously. Not kidding. I would sit in my front yard and stare at them, so happy.The I discovered this little gift in our overgrown side yard. It gets no sun, and frankly no attention. But it apparently was the home to some discarded bulbs.
These beauties look like little starfish flowers. I love them. I think next year I'll move these bulbs somewhere I can see them!

But sadly this morning I woke up to this... Again..
and this...I try to be happy and excited about the snow... but this morning it made me sad. Can't I be excited about it again? Maybe next year?

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I went to the store and bought eggs, but didn't buy the dye. Then I debated whether any Easter happenings would go down at our address, as the husband is approaching finals (and usually doesn't know that holidays exist unless I tell him what day they are on.)

I remembered last year seeing Eggs dyed using neck ties, and I was off to search the DI bag for bobby's gently used/ugly ties.Possible Problem #1- Ties purchased in Asia may or may not be silk- no matter what the tag says..Possible Problem #2 -We didn't have a glass pot for the stove (and for some reasons the directions called to boil in glass or enamel) so I tried the microwave equivalent. Does anyone else wonder if microwaves will someday give them cancer? I mean a little egg in there for like 20+ minutes? That can't be good...
Possible Problem #3- not sure if the Orange ones didn't turn out as well because of Possible problem#1 and/or #2 or if lighter colors just don't work as well..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

it feels good to be back

in my pre-husband life (before he taught me the joy that it is to sleep in, and snuggle with the warm blankets in the morning) I used to run... Kind of a lot...

Lest any of you be confused, let me clarify something for you. To run, even to like to run, should not be confused with being good at running, nor fast.

But the sleeping in got the better of me, and let's be honest, for almost 2 years, I did little running. I do believe I kept waiting for the day the husband would want to come with (as he periodically would due to sudden surge of sweetness, or sudden purge of over-eating...) but that left me running possibly 1-2 times a month.

This new year, I decided husband or not, I was going to make one of those lofty resolutions and run again.. for myself. 1/2 a resolution done.. CHECK

just because I was thinking and laughing about this halfway through my race today, here's a bonus picture dedicated to Kat and Meesh.
Remember when we ran this? (mental note- I never need to run another marathon again- half is good enough for me) Remember how we all got fatty because we were a little too willing to try out the "carbo load" training method?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a little bite of chocolate

I made this little batch of chocolates today. filled with cotton balls.

It was the perfect prank for a non- prankster like me, just enough funny, not too mean.

Bobby was the first to test them. I asked him to taste the chocolates I made before we took them to a friends house. He bit it right in half.

We took them to Zak and Tiff (for our weekly watch LOST adventure)- but I had some real chocolate covered marshmallows mixed in, so the husband and I ate those. Zak got a real one first, so he was tempted by a second. But Tiff was suspicious from the beginning, she didn't buy it.

The Bonus: The Blewitts showed up at the end of the show, and Brian just popped that sucker right on in his mouth. The following giggling from the bobby-megan corner gave it away before the cotton even registered with his taste buds.. But it was still much enjoyed.

happy april fools 'all.