Saturday, February 26, 2011

saying goodbye

so there i was eating my morning granola, and megan gasps, her face going green with her hand over her mouth and those "i'm gonna puke" cheeks, you know the ones. she was just staring me, and after a few long seconds she motioned with her head, mouth still covered, toward a box of cereal. "yes, i am eating granola and that, unlike other foods i have eaten, should not make you wanna hurl" i thought to myself. but after more prompting I get up and look behind the box and there it was, a dead gold fish.

our almost 4 year anniversary gold fish has died. we received the fish as a souvenir from our wedding reception (they were the center pieces for the tables). our first 'real' introduction to the fish was when we arrived in our new apartment after the honeymoon. he or she (is this even possible to determine on fish?) was chasing the other two fish in the bowl and nipping at their fins. and we, oh so creatively, named it 'chaser'. there were 4 but one had an unfortunate run-in with a sink and garbage disposal with ensuing hysteria by the women in the room (that part was pretty funny). chaser quickly killed the other two fish in the bowl, and frankly i thought that was kinda fishy... but he was our fish.

the next 3.8 years chaser had his ups and downs, like the time we forgot to rinse the glass pebbles at the bottom of the bowl after washing them with soap and we found him swimming on his side.

somewhat sarcastically i often told megan that the fish could hang around until the fish food ran out. we only had one container of fish food, purchased with all the fish for our reception, and he has been surviving on that all this while. as fate would have it, the night before we found him, i had dumped the last few flakes into his bowl.

On a similar note, we had fish growing up in a octagon shaped standing tank. i don't remember the fish dying or there being a big announcement that we no longer have fish, they just went away... kinda like how our dog kodiak mysteriously stopped coming around and about a month later, maybe longer, katie asked "where's kodiak?" "oh he died..." replied my mom. those were simpler times. oh ya and we had cats too... who knows what happened to them.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

love and romance.

it was my year for valentine's day.

i decided to to create a night in after putting our little bebe to sleep.

here i was thinking candles, fondue... nice romantic dinner together.

here is the reality. 

i love bobby.  he and his bebe are the best things that have ever happened to me.

we are not really very romantic.

we are practical. sometimes comical really...

it was too dark to turn off the lights and eat the dinner, so we had candles and florescent lights.

bobby burned himself 3 time and spent dinner with his finger sitting in a tupperware full of water.

then he sat in the living room with his cup o' water while i did the dishes.

pretty sure it was lights out by 9:30pm

i love you bobby.  happy love day to you.

Monday, February 14, 2011

be mine...