Thursday, July 29, 2010


shhh... don't tell anyone, but i'm actually typing with two hands!!! (this is a big deal, the bebe is sleeping and not in my arms!!) well truth be told, i'm still multi-tasking and brushing my teeth at the same time, but you probably didn't want to know that...

so let's talk about my wardrobe. it doesn't exist. i was aware of the maternity clothes stage, but i didn't know there were two of them. an early maternity, and a big fat last 2 months maternity. then there is the after baby stage. even if i was skinny again -which i'm not- there is the whole nursing thing that requires a whole different wardrobe. who knew? well you probably did, but its another one of the things i never paid attention to...

so i stole a couple hours the other day (meaning that i ran out the door immediately after having fed the bebe, leaving him with the husband with the maximum probability for a full and happy child) in search of a couple attractive pieces of cloth.

i returned with a little buyers remorse, a couple basics tees, and one shirt i warned bobby he probably wouldn't like, but that i did, and it was comfy to boot.

when he saw it his only response was, "don't horizontal stripes make you look bigger?"

thanks. i'm glad this is when he started paying attention to fashion tips!

note: one-handed typing resumed a few lines into the post... i'm counting it as a new skill i'm learning...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

day camp

tis the season that gets me itching to go camping.

however these days, i often don't get farther than exploring my living room.

knowing that i wasn't really in the market for a real live camping trip (am i much more a wuss than i used to be, or is that just my imagination?) we decided to take a fake camping trip.

we packed up the car with all the goods and found a great place away from everyone to spend the day. it was all the greatness of being outside and camping, without the tent and the overnight.
bobby found a crazy korean card game from his mission stuff in the depths of our cellar (we've been cleaning out the depths around here- which means equal amounts of time cleaning to time reminiscing in the boxes we have stored away...)

i think we spent almost as much time learning all the crazy rules as we did playing.

notice: the pup doesn't mind the great outdoors either...
bebe gets the idea already. he knows camping is for relaxing first, then eating good food, and then playing!
translation: whoa. check out all that cool stuff to look at....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Summer "Job"

last year i got hired by Dr. C. Greg Jensen of BYU's ME department. i was hired to help wrap up a senior project that was working on an Emerging Market Engine that was to going into an Emerging Market Vehicle.

i did that for a while, it was more work than anything, trying to get a single cylinder BMW bike engine to run off an aftermarket ECU. not to exciting.

about 6 months ago the 2008 senior project came back from korea. it had a laundry list of problems that we needed to fix in order for it to go out to the Mid-Ohio at the end of june.

some of the things that i headed up in fixing were; the steering/suspension bars collided with the magnesium wheels when turned to far (magnesium + friction = fire), fabricating air intake lines, stiffening up the engine/monocoque interface, wiring, broken slave cylinder, and a bunch of other odds and ends.
The Team Left to Right: Mark Roberts, John Hosford, Jesse Davis, Bobby Porter, Clint, ??, Jordan, Andrew. (i dont know the ones on the left that well, they were separate from us working on the carbon fiber parts of the car.)

and because this was all happening in june, which also happened to be my first month of fatherhood, megan brought the boy into the shop to get a little face time in. never too early to get him started!

it was a great experience and i look forward to doing my own senior project starting this fall.

here's a bonus- i get to go out to the Mid-Ohio with the car at the beginning of august to watch the American La Mans Race (ALMS)!!! it's a pretty big deal...

Monday, July 5, 2010

blessed 4th of july

born on memorial day. blessed on the 4th of july. this just might be one patriotic little fella.

i was running around trying to get a little too much done before 8:30 am church started. the husband was sweetly pondering about the blessing he was going to give and getting the bebe dressed and ready to go. upon arrival at church, i noticed that bobby had put evan's little blessing outfit on backward. -nevermind that tag! good thing it was still cute! we left it that way all day- because well- that is the way the dad had wanted his son to wear it!
the blessing was perfect, thanks to the husband and all the support he had around him. good thing there is a lot of love for this little guy.
do you feel the love?

i wish i had thought to grab a group photo before people began to disperse, but well, i didn't think about it....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

i still heart balloons

we headed out early for the annual hot air balloon launch -even though this meant me not going back to bed after the 4am feeding. that is how much i like hot air balloons...

it was crazy windy so the launch was a bit problematic.

the giant coke bottle balloon was flopping all over the place in the wind, crashing into things. there was even a perfect hollywood movie style unison *gasp* and people turning to run as the balloon did an about face and looked like it was going to smash onto a gathering crowd.

launch or no launch, it was quite a show.

and i still really heart hot air balloons...