Wednesday, March 30, 2011

my little conductor

we are a fan of trains around here.

this is our favorite book these days.

and since we live a stone's throw from the tracks, the choo choo is our regular lullaby. (though really not always a fan of falling asleep to that...)

so when i got the little man dressed in our awesome hand-me-down conductors cover alls, i decided that it inspired a field trip down to the tracks.

although actually trying to get brave enough to put him down for a picture on the tracks was a different story -insert paranoia here-

the outakes:
it will take a miracle to get a shot looking at camera with all these dirty distractions...

ahhh mom...  can i please?
success!  i got one!

and with that, i scooped him up.  enough dirty things in the hands and mouth for the day.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

sunday lego creations

legos are a preferred sunday activity around here.

when we actually like our creations they become the display of the week in the living room.

i build things like flower gardens (yes- I was that little girl who drew the same flowers and puffy clouds every time someone gave me crayons.)

then the husband sees them and tells me they look like super mario flowers and creates a whole mario world.
(and a car to 4 wheel through my flowers- just for fun...)

it is always a little sad to break them up for the next weeks creations (especially when they bomb- like my un-flower looking daffodil- and bobby's map from this past week...)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

love languages

the husband planned the anniversary festivities this year.  and he used some good ole' fashioned brainstorming to come up with the perfect balance between he and i.

the husband loves food.

i love time with/ effort by the husband

and voilĂ !  he planned to spend the evening together, make and enjoy a 4 course meal.

fruit - asparagus salad - pomegranate glazed salmon with armenian rice- and carrot cake.

um. yum....

and i really like this husband of mine.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

let them eat cake

 4 years ago, i knew enough of what i was getting into marrying the husband to be pretty sure that some cake smashing was going to take place.

good thing we kissed and made up.
love you bobby. happy anniversary.  i'll smash cake in your face any day.

Monday, March 7, 2011


in effort to cure the boredom and impending insanity that accompanies being quarantined, we busted out a coconut, stabbed (literally stabbed) a hole in it, popped in some straws, and dreamed that it would take us to exotic places.
too bad it was gross.

i must have forgotten that when i lived in thailand, i hated drinking coconut for the first 6 months i was there, and then magically loved it.  i'm guessing this love/hate relationship is back to the first stage...

Friday, March 4, 2011

yeah for byu

since 2009 i have been involved with the PACE (partners for the advancement of collaborative engineering) program, where i have been mainly working on a formula one race car. yes yes, a formula one race car. these things (professionally built) can cost several million dollars, and in some special cases 100 million+. you could buy a fighter jet for that much. the one that us students built only cost a little over a quarter of a million.

working on this project has been pretty amazing. and this last thursday we were able to show it off. BYU's school on engineering and technology received a hefty 10 million dollar donation from the Weidmans, BYU alumni, for the creation of the weidman center for global leadership. and on stage was our car, a prime example of global leadership. needless to say i was pretty proud to apart of such a great university and a great project.

note from the wife

my favorite part was when students would walk into this forum where the announcement was made, see the car, and say things like, "wow, cool car!" , "hey, check out that sweet car!", or just plain "whoa..."

it took all i could muster to not jump up and say, "yea, my husband did that."

pretty sure that might have been embarrassing...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

public service announcement

do not enter. stay away. you do not want what we have.

we are under quarantine

have been for a week now.

me and the little guy are not leaving the house these days.

i thought that we just had a cold, but finally took a jaunt to the doc on monday to discover the bebe has rsv and double ear infection.-thanks to the mama for waiting for the 6th day to go to the doc. way to go mama...

i had a little something, but i think it was the zero sleeping that was kicking my behind more than the cold.

yesterday i thought we were on the up and up.  i even snuck out for some me time at the grocery store and good company at book club. and yes, i just said me time at the grocery store...

then this morning the husband called from school feeling yuck-o..

and we are down again.
the only thing worse than being sick is a sick husband or and child.

our condolences to the other half of the planet plagued with this beaut.
ps- a love letter to the antibiotics

dear antibiotics,
i thought you were supposed to make my little man feel better.
you took my sweet sad sick bebe and replaced him with an irritable grouchy one that i have never met before. no thank you.