Sunday, October 31, 2010

super fam

could this picture get any cheesier?

and my hand may or may not be covering up the only thing that identifies my costume: the lois lane press pass- aka my old byu id card....
here is the bebe practicing his faster than a speeding bullet posing.

a happy halloween was had by all!

Monday, October 25, 2010

the real deal...

i don't think i could pay a professional photographer any amount of money to create a photo that i would love any more than i love this one...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

for the love of yard art...

one day bobby was a little late coming home and told me he was getting his friend to help him bring something home that was leftover from one of the school projects.

i think he thought this was one of those better to ask forgiveness than permission situations.this was the beauty he came home with.

the shell off one of byu's old race cars.

apparently they were going to dump it. but the husband couldn't have that.

he suddenly had visions of go-carts, bicycles, you name it, and bobby has thought of transforming this race care into it.

where is this beauty you ask?

well they quickly discovered that is was way too big to fit in the barn.

they had the brief but ridiculous thought of mounting it to the fence.

and then it ended up here:
yep. the roof where our herb garden (and a very pregnant megan) once sat.

you know i am loving this.

i am truly an activist against yard art.

i think the only thing that belongs in our yard is gardens, flowers, swing sets and perhaps a radio flyer.

at least right now my view out the kitchen window is full of fall.oh what am i going to do when the leaves are gone??

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

take out

last night was one of those nights.

take out was on the menu.

we decided on chinese.

it was a first for our marriage. we just wanted some good ole, mediocre, from the carton, chinese take out.

no, not the good stuff, that is a whole different kind of craving. we really were going for mediocre....

so what does it say when we were only aiming for mediocre and it still ended up bad?

maybe we just weren't made for the world of chinese take out.

i ended up making myself a blt for dinner. it was pretty tasty.

ps- also pictured are our newly acquired countertops. check.

Monday, October 18, 2010

radio flyer

i can't say that i wasn't very excited when my sister called and asked if we'd be interested in their old red wagon.

ummm.. yes. thank you.

to put it to good use, we strolled approximately 5 houses down to the farmers market to pick out some pumpkin goodness.
bebe: "dad, why am i sitting in this mound of lumpiness?"

dad: "i don't know, ask your silly mom, she's the one that put you there..."

we brought home some pretty good loot.

we brought bebe home too, but the husband wouldn't let me put him in the radio flyer...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

holy cow batman

i . love . this . child

just another reason...

i love having a chalkboard door.

Monday, October 4, 2010

i love the fall

is there anywhere where it is just spring and fall all year round?

perhaps a week of summer and winter would be acceptable...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

bake me a cake

the husband is off doing his manly duty at conference.

bebe went down for a nap and i decided to whip up a little cake in the husband's absence.

i even felt a little cocky about it. cooking really isn't so hard, i thought. why do i or anyone else buy boxes and mixes anyway?

in the back of my head i was coming up ways to put this cake in a jar and give it away as christmas presents.

side note: i'm not a chocolate cake girl. if i'm going to do chocolate, i go all the way for brownies, but i discovered this little number during a pregnancy craving and i quite like it.

the cake is prepped and in the oven. i've prepared the frosting so everything is done and i can clean the kitchen up leaving just a pretty cake on a plate and a nice aroma of fresh baking.

then i sat down.

and smelled a slight smoky odor.

i must have left the pizza stone in there i thought- i hate it when i do that- then we get the burnt cornmeal scent going on..

i go to grab it, and see something else going on all together.

you know that part of the recipe where is specifies 9 inch round pans. well they mean it. they do not mean 8 inch round pans...

what a dream of an evening this has left me with.

smoky kitchen.

goopy oven.

funktified cakes.

now would be a good time to mention that baking from scratch is not the culprit here. i'm pretty sure i could have made this good of a mess out of a box mix too..

so much for little miss baking homemaker this evening!

now i have a good excuse to turn my oven on self clean. - so instead of that freshly baked aroma- we have the yucky self-cleaning oven one...

the dishwasher is running, so all the evidence is cleaned up there...

but the best evidence are these two very unpretty round cakes -which to add insult to injury would not come out of the pans, so there was no salvaging them and trying to still make them look normal on the plate-

i'm going to go ahead and call it a blessing tonight that the husband likes to drown all things cake in milk- so it doesn't really matter what it looks like!

now pardon me while i turn on every fan and vent in the house to prevent the smoke detector from going off...