Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A visit from the hair dye fairy

For most of my life, I was somewhat afraid of coloring my hair. I had this motto in my life that went something like this, "if my hair looks bad and it is naturally like this, it isn't my fault. But if it looks bad and I made it look like that, well then it IS my fault" So thus I led my life without hair color, and probably pretending that I had some high and mighty moral opposition to the whole thing.

However recently, I've had a change of heart. I don't know how long the phase will last, but I decided, HEY! I might as well experiment and do a few fun things to spice it up. So here is the closest thing that I get to spice. It feels pretty big to me.

I also have to tell you that I know little to nothing about haircolor, and can't really afford to go have someone do it who knows
what they are doing. So at first whim, I purchased a $3 soft black colored dye from the Wal-Mart. When a co-worker and my sister freaked out a bit about that option, I went for a small upgrade in price and down-grade in color. But instead of returning the original purchase.. Bobby decided he has always wanted to dye his hair black. So here you have it.. The new and improved (maybe..) Bobby and Megan! (That spiked do is what happens when you let your husband dye your hair!)


jeanie said...

lookin' GOOD!!

Annalisa said...

Fun. Hari's comment "Agh, its Aunt Megan" Don't know if that's good or bad.

DP said...

Bob- not that much of a change but Megan - very dramatic - love it!

Diana and Scott said...

Megan, I think your hair looks absolutely fabulous. Quite dramatic. I think I wanna do my hair that color now.

mim said...

very smooth, both of you.

now you need to start allowing anonymous comments so i can comment under my real name instead of chip's sister's. i'm too lazy to open another google account and can never remember the id and password to the ones i have created. . . but, for now when you see comments from "miriam" it is really me.


mynameisbobby said...

I guess you could say we're "smooth operators".... anyone? anyone?