Friday, November 30, 2007

The struggle

I really like cute shoes.
I would like to think that I am normally a pretty grounded, logic based person. But somehow when it comes to winter and what shoes I wear out in the frigid temperatures, I am completely irrational.
I know that I will be cold. I knew that when I stared at the shoe rack in my closet this morning. I looked at the shoes I should wear, and then I looked at the cute green ballet flats I wanted to wear and said out loud to Bobby, "I want to wear these shoes, but then my feet will be cold!!" And then I put the cute shoes on completely knowingly.
When we got in the car and I was freezing my begeebers off, Bobby said, "don't complain to me, you knew you would be cold when you decided to wear those shoes." And he is completely right. I did, and I still wanted to wear them more than my survival instinct wanted to be warm (you'd think the survival instinct would be especially be strong, because I am ALWAYS cold- and my feet and hands are the worst- perma icicles from October to March)
I think I need help... Anybody??? Otherwise this struggle will continue through out the duration of the winter, I am sure of it, as last year I wore these ballet flats in the snow....
Note: So I just came home from class with Bobby and.... it rained... my sad little shoes soaked though and my feet freezing!


Annalisa said...

Maybe you could keep the cute shoes & socks in your office. Then you can be rational to & from work with clodhoppers, but totally fashionable while at work wearing your dainty ones. LOL, I had the same dilemma today. Its pouring rain today & the boys are ill & my parents are ill & so Geoff's home with the kids. They are all dressed & I couldn't figure out what to wear on my feet either & wanted to wear my dainty sparkling black slippers with a bow that look like a black version of Dorothy's red slippers, but alas Geoff suaded me to wear a cute pair of sneakers that he liked & with all the puddles I was grateful for Geoff telling me to wear the "cute sneakers", but wished I'd brought the sparkling slippers to work to wear around the office. Oh well, live & learn!!

megan... said...

That is a good idea- ironically- bobby loves the keen tennis like shoes I have, but I still wear my girlie little ones!

Adam, Jaci, Grant, Grace and Amelia said...

Sometimes being beautiful requires sacrifices. :-)

karla said...

I think I'm pretty ill-equipped to keep your from wearing the cute, yet non-sensible shoes - I do the same thing. :)

Frankman's said...

Megs, you are HILARIOUS! i absolutely love that picture with your wedding shoes - it's beautiful! I wish that I had one with my wedding shoes! I'm looking forward to the post about the chair... :-)

#A5 said...

come spend a winter in new york with no car and you'll be cured. walking through street after street of brown slushy snow and frozen icy drifts for a few weeks made me hate my little flats. the day i got my ultra-hard-core columbia snow boots, complete with shearling lining was one of the happiest days of my life.

there are a lot of cute boots out there that make appropriate winter dressing fun- rain boots, hearty leather boots, even a cute clog (if you can find one) is a good option. you'll be warm and dry and happy. plus, it is no fun ruining your little flats. embrace the season and find shoes that do the same. like the norweigans say- "there is no bad weather, only bad clothing."