Friday, December 28, 2007

The Christmas "wrap" up

Well, our little apartment is officially being cleaned up from the Christmas holidays. The wrapping paper pieces picked up and thrown away, and the tree, which was quickly losing its green beauty, ceremoniously taken down.

But we had a fabulous holiday. It was like taking a vacation without going anywhere!

Bobby, who has never in the history of our marriage, woken up first without the use of an alarm... excitedly woke me up in anticipation to the presents we had been gathering for each other. Bobby got a new fancy flashlight, a home-made apron (for his turns in the kitchen!!) some needed, though maybe not excited Sunday clothes, and a few fun toys. I was pretty Impressed with the presents Bobby gave me. Evidence that he had ventured into some pretty entertaining stores, like wet seal, solidified the fact that he really must love me!! He also got me 4 pairs of shoes (well one was a pair of slippers) after swearing that I had enough and that he definitely wasn't going to get me any shoes! He even got me the yellow salt water sandals I had envied on his stylish sister Katie.

The day continued with laziness and lots of yummy food. I, again, love the American traditions of elaborate food preparation and even more elaborate eating!

Bobby is now on book 6 of the Harry Potter series, which we have been borrowing from the library on CD. So the lazy day was entertaining with combination of the brewing intensity in the story, and the puzzles that we put together while listening.

I love holidays for so many reasons, but these year my gratitude is greatest for the excuse to not do much at all of consequence. Hope you all are also enjoying such Holidays!!


Annalisa said...

"No Star Wars for Megan?"--Says Harison. Lincoln says "Love you"

#A5 said...

i LOVE the lazy christmas days.

four shoes- i'm impressed and a tiny bit jealous. you'll be in heaven with those sandals, they're virtually indestructable and so so cute.

you guys need to come visit new york.

Annalisa said...

I'm still soo excited about your picture of wrapping paper...makes me excited for this Christmas and already conjuring what we'll be getting the boys. LOL.