Sunday, January 27, 2008

Homemade Gifts

When I was brainstorming about Christmas presents, I decided that I wanted to make aprons for all my friends.

One day I was in Anthropologie with Bobby, and we found an apron that made me actually feel attractive (it didn't help that Bobby thought it was hot too...)

Just how most of my projects start, I had no idea how I was going to make them, nor did I have a pattern. But alas, after a few tries.. These are the product of my beginner's designs. I hope all you girls I love look gorgeous in your kitchens!!

Oh yea- and don't forget the more "manly" one that I made for Bobby- that was the one that started them all off!
And then these are my latest baby shower present.

Luckily, I didn't make up the pattern on this one! I found a pattern from Heather Bailey via my friend Karla.

Hopefully, I can perfect these a little more. And since the next batch of baby showers are little boys, I'll have to make a few alterations!


karla said...

Wow! Cute aprons! You need to find a manufacturer so you can produce and sell the patterns! And good work on the booties. :)

Annalisa said...

Aprons are hot & the booties are cute. I mean the baby booties are cute. about I just say Good Job on the Homemade gifts!!

Harward Happenings said...

What a crafty girl you are!!! The aprons are so cute! I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog. We'll have to catch up in person some time!

Anonymous said...

Impressive array of sewing talents Megan!
The snow looks like fantastic fun!

Frankman's said...

HOLY INCREDIBLE! you are amazing. seriously, amazing.

Christina said...

Here's the tutorial I used to make my blog. If you just want to do something different for the header at the top, you just go into your layout and upload a picture. It needs to be about 700 x 300 pixels. Have fun!

Becky Nelson said...

everything is so cute. The shoes and apron's. I wish I new how you made them. Did you use a pattern or your great creative mind??? I hope you are doing well. I love the blog.