Sunday, February 10, 2008

I will admit, I am a view Snob!

Some of you may think that you are familiar with the Teton Mountains, but with utter snobbery, I would boast, that I bet most of you haven't seen them as beautiful as I have.

See, most souls are familiar with the Tetons via Jackson Hole. But I'm blessed to have a dear friend who lives in Teton Valley on the quiet backside of these gorgeous mountains. This is the view they wake up to in her house.

I first visited the Wilson Family and these mountains several years ago. It was a cloudy winter weekend and the Wilson was family was worried that I wouldn't understand the true beauty of this place if they (the Tetons) "didn't come out"

Likewise, Bobby just took his first trip up to Alta, WY after having heard the tales. It is like a small piece of heaven. But true to form, it was cloudy most of the weekend.

However, around 4:16 am, Meesh burst into our cabin, exclaiming that "they were out" and everyone had to wake up and see them in case it clouded up again before the dawn. There they were- the silhouette of these beauties. However, a disgruntled Bobby wasn't going to budge at that morning time, and instead just wanting to know why Meesh was screaming at him at this atrocious time in the morning! It was pretty funny, and I too was admittedly a little grumpy at the circumstance, but the clear midnight blue sky and silhouetted mountains against the shaded snow, was a pretty incredible sight. (I took a picture- but is it pretty much black- so insert imaginative black box here..)

Luckily, they were still out in the morning, and we went for a walk before the wind blew the clouds in again.

Here are a few more glimpses of our adventure!

Meesh and Bobby Icicle sword fighting!

Perpetual “stuckness” on the snowmobiles! (you can’t see it very well but we were getting stuck pretty deep)

And because we were struggling on the snowmobiles, Bobby gave me my own ride on the tube!

And of course, Snow Angels!

There are many more pictures of friends and memories. It was a great weekend get away!


Annalisa said...

Looks so nice. I'm a snob too, only with the weather...its 80 today!

Unknown said...

Uuh huh, that's my view! I'm so proud of it, and can't ever decide whether I want everyone to see it so they know what a fabulous place I live in, or if I want no one to see it so I can keep it all to myself. I compromise with only allowing the select, and elite few! You know who you are :)

#A5 said...

wow. the light on that snow in the last few pictures is incredible!

jeanie said...

so pretty, wish I was there!

Frankman's said...

Wahoo! That looks so fun - you guys are so adventurous!!


Geoff said...

Harison wants one of those lightsabers...LOL, since the photos stays small, I can't show him its an icicle. LOL, anything with swords and Star Wars, eke.

karla said...

Beautiful! And I love the fun snow angel pictures. :)