Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Corned Beef: Bobby Style

Again, neither Bobby nor I are too insistent on doing St. Patty's the traditional way

(except for the green thing- all things must be green on St. Patty's day- I even got up and dyed pancakes and milk green for Breakfast!)

But Bobby does LOVE Reuben Sandwiches. Since we have yet to find an excellent Reuben Sandwich around here, I thought that St. Patty's Day- and everyone else cooking up Corned Beef- was a perfect excuse for me to make my very first Corned Beef Roast!! but instead of eating corned beef and cabbage- which I have no personal need for. We put together these beauties!

Rye bread
Thousand Island spreaded on both slices of bread
Thinly sliced Corned Beef
Swiss Cheese

(then you can toast the whole Sandwich to heat it up and melt the cheese a little- I think next time I will toast the Rye slightly first too- so it doesn't get a little soggy..)

It was pretty tasty for our first try, and I'm sure we can just do better!


Annalisa said...

sorry, not a fan of corned beef

Frankman's said...

OOOOooooOO! Dave loves Reuben sandwiches too! I'll have to try it out....

#A5 said...

chip loves reubens too, but he gets "meat breath" for a solid eight hours after that i cannot stand, so no corned beef for us. but he would have loved your sandwiches . . .