Friday, April 11, 2008

Stunted Spring

At Christmas, my dear friend Meesh gave me this pot that she had made and a hyacinth bulb to grow in it.

I was so excited, thinking that this would bring a little Spring into what can sometimes be a long winter in Utah.

So what you see here is the results of my attempt to force the bulb. It was planted shortly after Christmas and shot up about 1-2 inches, and then has stayed there, or grown only slightly more in the 3 months since.. I moved it near the window and have continued to faithfully water it- hoping for a revival in its growth. Then recently I noticed the leaves pushing out, and then to my surprise, though less a third its normal size, it is bringing me its beautiful blossoms anyway!

I feel like this little bulb is somewhat like the Spring that we are having- it may be struggling a little (as in still waking up to SNOW!) but I know it is beautiful in there somewhere!


Christina said...

I'm so impressed that Michelle made that pot and that you're growing something in it! I also think it's great that the two of you are friends... we should all three get together sometime!

Annalisa said...

yeah. sorry. you won't want to read about my day here in cali.

#A5 said...

first- pottery made by a friend? that's cool.

second- even if they are tiny, they are lovely, and almost better because of their miniature size.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! You actually succeeded in forcing bulbs... call ANY size a great success! - Mom P