Friday, August 22, 2008

Cars Cars Cars

For months I've been trying to find stuff to do to that Bobby will love. Often when I just want to spoil him I resort to Food and Movies, but I'm pretty sure cars are really the way to his heart. I finally found a local car show and got to take him on a date that was completely for Bobby.
I'm fairly certain that our future retirement will be invested in old cars.. He wants a Old beater truck, the polished refurbished one, the 4-wheeler, and of course classic Ford Model A to fit in with the rest of the Porter men clan.


Annalisa said...

our first two years of marriage, we would totally go to car shows...linc went his first time at 2 weeks old...good times. car shows are the coolest and great for newlyweds.

Anonymous said...

I want the vw bus. What a fun date!

Anonymous said...

Bob's a chip off the old block all right! :) Mom