Sunday, December 28, 2008

14 movies later...

So on black friday, I headed out at dark-thirty with my sister-in-laws to a crazy world of shopping. I discovered that when you get up at 3am, you can buy movies pretty cheap.

Now some of you that know me pretty well know that I'm not one for movies. I like them and all, but I don't usually fuss over them, don't like to wait in lines for them, and don't like spending much money on them.

So imagine my surprise when after a morning of shopping frenzy, I had 14 movies in hand.

Those of you who know Bobby, know he loves movies! Imagine his surprise come Christmas day to find out that I had bought him 14! (I admit, a few might have been a little more for me...)

Turns out it was a good thing too. The last few days there hasn't been much around our house but movies and the stomach flu. It hit me halfway through Christmas day, and so we watched movie after movie with me too exhausted to have my usual restlessness. Bobby even finished an entire puzzle by himself while I faded in-and-out.

Then today poor Bobby is getting his turn with the flu, and we are soon going to finish off watching all our new movies

Guess that will give me a turn at this puzzle.. Though I'm not as dedicated as he is, and this border is as far as I've gotten. The night is young, and if bobby comes back to life and switches back from movies to the star-trek marathon on our DVR, I'm going to have to stick to the puzzle!


Christina said...

This sounds like our anniversary. I was sick, and we got 19 movies from the library. We didn't get through them all.

Annalisa said...

hope you all feel better soon.

Lorri said...

I am glad to see that the Office was one of the dvds you purchased! Hope you have a healthy New Years!