Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sushi picnic and a bandit

Turns out that I had to go into the office on Friday. However, the state of Utah has switched to working 4- 10 hour days and is closed on Fridays...

So this wouldn't be a problem until I discover that I can't find my Work ID with my access card in it.. So I'm sitting outside the State office building, hoping to find some other sap who comes to work on a day off to try to follow into the building.

(Side note, the building I work in houses adult probation & parole, Child support collection, DMV car registration, and Child Protection Services- thus people are not always happy nor on their best behavior when they are coming here- so when people look like they are stalking me on my way into the building, it pretty much freaks me right out, and I squeeze in and make sure the door shuts right behind me so no one else can get in with me...)

After 20 minutes or so of lurking, I find a probation officer on his way in the office, plead my case, and find myself in the building. However, since I don't have my access card to get me up the elevator, I decide to take the stairs. Up at the 5th floor, I discover, that though no access card is needed, the door from the stairwell into the hallway is just straight up locked. On my way back down I checked every floor and the doors were also locked. So I find myself back down and the lower level- the only door unlocked (and grateful I'm not stuck in a stairwell!)

But now I'm stuck on the lower level of the building and I can't figure out how to get out. The helpful probation officer is safely behind his security doors, and I can't get the maintenance man i saw to answer the door (even after 20 minutes of knocking)

I pretty much felt like a sketchy person who had gotten them self into a locked government building.

I figured out a way to get to the main level and parked myself on a bench waiting for the next person working on their day off. Luckily this didn't take to long, and I asked another probation officer if he would scan his access card to get me to the 5th floor (hoping he doesn't think I'm going to blow up the building or steal government documents)

Summary: I felt like a schmuck and a bandit and 45+ minutes later, I got into my office.

That night, after several date ideas had busted, we decided to get take-out and have a picnic at home. I rarely eat or crave sushi, but I did on Friday. We didn't want to wait in lines or pay alot, and I remembered that we had seen a $6 plate at Costco (and we love costco.. normally) As was par for the crazy day- they didn't have the $6 plate and we went home with a mountain load of Sushi..

To make up for the whole day, I did enjoy the picnic with Bobby anyway! (and I fell asleep while he watched Gremlins...)


Bre said...

Baahaha! I loved hearing about your crazy day! Makes me think about the time I got locked out of my house at 7:00 a.m. and walked in my pajamas (sans bra) and barefoot to my work to call Danny to come home from work and let me in. Ah...good times. And P.S. I am still addicted to that Costco Mango Peach salsa you introduced me to.

Annalisa said...

oh my! what a friday! yah, if you ever visit us here in so. cali. we'll get you some really good sushi that doesn't smell like fish so that you know its fresh. smiles!

karla said...

I used to love sushi until I had some from a grocery store - I should have know better. :(

Kristin said...