Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Dear Husband,

Remember in the middle of the night when you reached over to my side of the bed and tried to touch me and I freaked out? Remember how I slapped your hand away and whined for you to move your hand? (which, if I recall in my half asleep stupor, was preventing me from rolling over)

Remember how this morning you actually remembered?

(Side note- remember how usually when you do anything in the middle of the night, the next morning you have no recollection of it- like that time you rolled over and punched me in the face? so how am I supposed to know that this time you were sweetly just reaching out for me and not subconsciously sprawled?)

I'm sorry! I love you! and I'll try not to freak out the next time your randomly or sweetly touch me in the middle of the night



Annalisa said...

don't worry...it happens to all of us...i think the first couple of years its territory issues...now that we have two kids...its only gotten worse...a little kid popping out of the darkness and staring you in the face saying "mommy" isn't quite how i pictured things and sometimes it totally freaks me out to feel a cold little hand on my face or hand.

Melissa Tiek said...

Hahahaha. I get really startled at night. Jason used to come home really late when he was finishing his last semester and I would get freaked out every time he came in to say good night and I would jump up like I was going to karate chop him...

Lorri said...

Megan - you are so funny! and I am glad that other people's elbows have a mind of their own in the middle of the night:)