Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vacation Home

once upon a time, i met a darling girl named merissa.
(who happens to have a beautiful voice. click here)
she introduced me to her home in alta, wyoming.
i fell in love.
and now her home
is our (vacation) home.
(image stolen from Katrina)

walks with wildflowers
plenty of places for the pup to romp and playbeautiful hikes. great friends.papa wilson bailing hay. oh yeah, and the best side of the tetons.check out that view. who wouldn't come back here?


Tiffany said...

Beautiful scenery! What a gorgeous place to live!

Annalisa said...

the dog looks like its having fun in that grass.

Unknown said...

Why, this place look absolutely lovely. Remember the first time you came to visit and due to bad weather never saw the Tetons the whole time?! Glad you kept coming back and now love it like me.

John said...

Why is Bobby several paces behind all of you women? Why is he the only one carrying a bag. Why is he in a slightly bowed, subservient position directing his eyes downward? Was he nothing more than a pack mule?

P.S. I know I'm commenting on really old posts but I haven't been to your blog in a while.