Sunday, September 27, 2009

dear mr. police officer

thank you for keeping our fair city safe.

thank you especially for the extra patrolling on the little streets in our lovely west neighborhood.

thank you for helping whomever is screaming outside right now.

it doesn't sound like they wanted your help very much, but it sure sounds like they needed it.

but i was asleep.

and the red & blue lights are beyond disco on our bedroom walls right now.

for the second time this week

can i at least get notice so i can schedule a party?


Annalisa said...


my 'dear mr. police officer' is more like...please understand that my license expired on my birthday this year and forgot to renew it because it was trapped behind the dashboard and figured techinically i was still driving with a license. don't worry i'll get a renewed one...


we live next to the fire station and the flashing lights of red, yellow, and white are great...except when the sirens are on.

The Meesh said...

Ha! Invite me to the party next time too! Remember... I do have pleather pants. ;)

Jarom said...

That is awesome!
Well, maybe not for you, but I can't stop laughing right now!
Love ya!

Unknown said...

That's what you get for living in the ghetto. You should probably move to Draper.

Erin Leigh said...

I keep forgetting to talk to you about this little event. I know it was a long time ago at this point but still, was that not the craziest thing? it sounded like she was right in our yard, it was that loud. yuck!