Thursday, October 15, 2009

mental case

oh good grief... i've never had such an adversarial relationship with food.

so here's a story for you...

bobby was trying to get me to eat something for lunch. i finally decide that a costa vida salad sounds good and we go to get it- take out. we bring it home- and they gave me the wrong dressing. i almost started crying- the flavor i wanted was the citrus-y vinaigrette (not so much ranch..)

then bobby starts eating and realizes that there is no meat on either of our salads- the other flavor i had been wanting. plus lets be honest- a vegetarian salad only would have cost like $4

so we drive all the way back... and by the time we get back home i eat like 4 bites and am done because now i don't want anything again.

but i ate an apple... hope that counts for something!

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