Wednesday, November 11, 2009

my husband, the crepe face.

sunday morning it was decided that crepes would be the breakfast of champions.

and bobby, he is a champion.

so even though he does bite stunningly impressive holes in his crepes, this post isn't really about that.

its about how he loves his tools, and loves a reason to use them even more.

while i was pouring and flipping these this little cakes. the husband decided that he was going to officially hang the calendar (yes we know it is november) that had previously been stuck up with layers of tape and fallen many times.

so up the hook went, and then we realized that the little hole on the calendar was dinky, and not going to work with the hook. and we also realized a serious lack of hole punches in our residence.

then he said, "guess i'll have to go get the dremel."

yes, we own a dremel, and no hole punch.

and he proceeded to dremel a larger hole in the calendar. power tools on paper.

yep, that's my man.


Annalisa said...

lol, hilarious, but what a good man for hanging the calendar properly.

Brian and Emily said...

we love bob the builder- just being practical! love to you three!

Anonymous said...

Hey, tools make the man! :) It's good to know he inherited so many talents from his dad. love ya - mom

Melissa Tiek said...

So I am completely out of the loop and haven't done much with blogs in the last little while. I just barely read your post on the baby! Congrats girlie! We are so excited for you! P.S. We need to get together. It has been far too long.