Tuesday, November 24, 2009

turkey or swine?

what will it be for this thanksgiving.

i had a regular pre-natal appointment with the doctor. and it just so turns out that the very same morning i had the startings of a head cold. or so i perceived it.

by the time afternoon rolled around, i felt down right rotten, with chills and body aches kicking in to boot.

come 2pm, dr. appt. time. pregnancy induced paranoia (i'm blaming this and many other things of pregnancy. it just make me feel better!) had me worried about what i had caught myself.

normally, i'm not very good at being sick. i'm not very good at not working, not doing everything while i'm sick. (remember that time when you were trying to call clients when you had no voice and were coughing and your boss actually had to send you home. yes, that was you- stubborn one.)

but all the campaigns for staying home when you are sickly, plus the thought of the little one i was taking down with me = paranoia.

only aided by the doc who immediately prescribed me for tamiflu, told me all signs pointed to the swine flu. directed me to pick up the rx on the way home, and start swallowing them the second the fever set in.

umm... did i mention i don't need any help with being paranoid at the moment?

i suffered though chills all evening, but never quite hit fever. woke up the next morning, feeling what can only be described as, an amazing amount better. what can be much more rationally interpreted as just a bit of a cold.

phew. i'd much rather have turkey than swine this time of year.


Annalisa said...

i actually ate ham this thanksgiving. lol.

got my h1n1 shot last weekend. i think pretty much anything that looks like the flu, docs are going to give you tamiflu just in case. sorry!

Jenny said...

Ugh. No fun. I agree with Annalisa and think drs. will always give you tamiflu just in case. What's even worse is that the tamiflu is dang expensive. Stupid Swine flu! I hope you are feeling a little better now.