Sunday, August 29, 2010

back to life, back to reality...

the sweet bliss of summer is coming to a close. i really don't want to let it go. there is something amazing to be said for 3 paid months of work... especially when hanging out with your best friend and a pretty cute kid are involved...

tomorrow i'm back at work and bobby is back at school. really i went back to work last monday, but it didn't feel too real because the husband was at home, so that is where my heart and mind were too.

so bring on the craziness of juggling school, working, and the bebe. we'll be trading shifts with the little man, and i just hope that in it all there will be pockets of time i will get to share with both of them at the same time. that is a bit of my version of heaven.

today we played and played. and i tried to eat up every minute of it.
apparently evan isn't into the whole family picture gig.
this is us trying to play catch in the backyard. substituting a tennis ball for the baseball. partly because the pup chewed it up and partly because us hitting the bebe in the head with a baseball might be part of my worst nightmare. it is a skill that can use a little more practice!


Frankman's said...

I miss you!!! I've been wondering how you have been lately. Good luck back at work today. You can do it!!

thailiz said...

Wow, go you for going back to work! I don't think I could handle it - good luck!

Annalisa said...

the striped shirt is really cute!

and you're brave playing catch, i would have thought you'd put him on your back for something like that. lol.

hope all goes well with your first week.