Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas-izing the place

the stockings all hung from the dresser with care...and topped with our new nativity (love my talented in-laws!), sure to be a favorite with the mama bebe.
i think i found my new favorite locale for keeping the christmas cards. they brought colorful adornment to our door, and i got to peek at them regularly on my way out of the house.

thank you to all who sent one our way, and merry christmas to you too!

and, of course, bringing the bebe in on all the traditions!


Sherri said...

We love putting our cards on the door as well. We're glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Kids add such a wonderful dimension to holidays and traditions. I love talking to our kids about their favorite traditions and what they'll remember.

Christina said...

I want that Nativity! No, seriously! Did your in-laws make it? Would they let me pay them to make me one?!

megan... said...

my sister-in-law Jeanie did it.

And I'm in love with it too.

If she ever decides to sell some, I'll hook you up!!

(I was pretty stoked when we got our christmas present from her last year and saw that she had made us one, I've been waiting all year to put it up!)