Saturday, December 4, 2010

garden to table

i trucked through the melting snow out to the garden to pick the last of our carrots before the ground froze.
i love feeding the bebe food when i know where it came from.

bonus, we made impromptu massaman curry with the carrots too..he likes it too.

man that kid has cheeks! kissable ones at that...

funny story. i was talking to a friend at work (aka... the other megan) about baby food.

my comment, "it is so easy to make baby food with the food you have and eat at home."

her response, "yea, but it is so easy for me to just reach out and grab a jar off the shelf when i'm already at the store."



Christina said...

Oh my gosh, when did Evan get so big?! I feel like his face has changed!

megan... said...

funny thing c. I almost didn't even use that picture of him because I didn't think it looked very much like him!

It is weird how you can stare at someone all day and then take picture that looks totally different!

Frankman's said...

you are a super mom!

Lorri said...

Impressive carrots! I'm with you making your own baby food and am so glad to hear that the bebe likes Thai food!