Friday, January 21, 2011

friday word of the day: bleach

today anything and everything that is non-porous and doesn't move is getting the bleach treatment.  the baby and the pup are both porous and move, so they are safe from the megan attack...

no one is sick around here.  there is no major incentive.  it was just time. 

i'm sure someone in the vast out there thinks i'm probably paranoid, and another can't believe that i haven't done this yet...  but today is the day for me...

now is the time that i publicly apologize to my microbiology roommate of old who would tell us about everything that could be growing on very surface of our apartment.

i mean, she was paranoid, but i could have been nicer about it!

1 comment:

Anna Hall said...

and i've got termites living in my closet and oh, the HOA will decide next month what they want to do about. can i be paranoid yet?