Tuesday, February 15, 2011

love and romance.

it was my year for valentine's day.

i decided to to create a night in after putting our little bebe to sleep.

here i was thinking candles, fondue... nice romantic dinner together.

here is the reality. 

i love bobby.  he and his bebe are the best things that have ever happened to me.

we are not really very romantic.

we are practical. sometimes comical really...

it was too dark to turn off the lights and eat the dinner, so we had candles and florescent lights.

bobby burned himself 3 time and spent dinner with his finger sitting in a tupperware full of water.

then he sat in the living room with his cup o' water while i did the dishes.

pretty sure it was lights out by 9:30pm

i love you bobby.  happy love day to you.


Annalisa said...

happy love day

Brittany said...

So cute as usual. We love you guys. Great talking with you the other day. Let's get together soon.

karla said...

Ooh - LOVE fondue! We had some ourselves not to long ago. And who needs candlelight anyway? :)