Monday, April 4, 2011

we should be allergic to peanut butter

remember when i got peanut butter in my hair?  before even having bebe to blame it on?

well, the husband did even better- makes that like ten times worse. except i guess he didn't make a public display of his...  so i've got him there... 

once upon a time i was mixing up our peanut butter. (you know- mixing all the oils in to that natural kind)

has anyone ever done this gracefully?

i usually approach it with a butter knife and gently stir it slowly, trying to get it to mix in and pray that i will not spill the oil everywhere, since it is like a millimeter from the top.

so bobby, the tool master, walked in on me, laughed and decided that he had to find a better way to do it.

and i let him.

he got the hand mixer out- put some crazy attachment on it, and whipped that oil in. presto.

i was impressed and gave him all the credit he deserved.

so the next time we opened a jar of good ole pb, bobby tried a repeater.

then i hear a gasp and a thud. and a cry for help.

power tool fail.  the mixer had flung the jar spilling all the oil (which is very necessary to not have serious dry peanut butter mouth).

i helped save what we could, and bobby began to mix again.

the next thud, was well, a thud/splat.

i can not even begin to tell you all the places i found peanut butter. but if you took an inventory of our kitchen from end to end, that would just about cover it.

poor bobby.  i was laughing so hard at him, and he was really not very happy.
all be wanted was a pb and blackberry jam sandwich for dessert...


Bre said...

Yikes! I also have this same problem. I saw somewhere an "invention" that I know Bobby could do. It just a little stirring wand tool thingy that you screw on the lid and it has a hole in the middle and you stir. Good grief...that explanation is miserable. Let me see if I can google a picture or something. Hold please. K, yes. If you google "Natural Peanut Butter Stirrer" you'll see what I'm talking about. :) Moral of the story is Bobby just needs to make a hole in the lid and put that mixer thing through the hole. Good luck!

Bre said...

When I said "I also have this same problem", PS, I was not referring to my husband using power tools to stir the PB and decorating the kitchen with it. :) I meant "I have the same problem" as in I hate that precarious task!

Annalisa said...

no worries.

its funny blog fodder! LOL

John (as in AJB) said...

HA ha.