Wednesday, June 29, 2011

conversations with the husband

we have been trying to eat our fruits and vegetables around here.

really trying- like at least 6 servings a day trying.

and no, this was not all my idea, the husband is a motivated participant....

most mornings, that means breakfast consists of a smoothie.

this particular morning, that smoothie was dominantly peach flavored, due the the yummy abundance of fresh peaches on my counter top.

the husband takes a sip and makes a sour face.

"you don't like peach??"  i ask.

"i don't know, maybe not"  he replies.

how is it possible to not like peaches??

he continues, "i don't ever remember grabbing a peach, eating it and loving it."

i feel sad for him at this moment.  fresh fruit, right off the tree i think is one of the best things on this planet.

"okay, so what do you love?" i ask, thinking i might get it right one of these days...

"pizza."  he replies simply.

"can you make it pizza flavored?"

someday remind me to fill this journal in with the last 2 months of life's adventures- birthdays, father's days, road trips with girls, lots of bebe boy craziness, bathroom remodels.  currently when i pull up the blog and think about writing, i end up saying  "nah, " and immediately close the lappy...


Annalisa said...

men love meat! LOL, typical! i think its because their body needs those heavy metal minerals and such to stay balanced. but good for trying to eat more veggies & fruits. marle's been loving the Plum smoothies "sweet potato, corn, apple" and "blueberry, purple carrot" and "brocolli, apple" i even tried them to make sure they were tasted, i was pleased! LOL!

p.s. i'm glad you at least thought about blogging.

Annalisa said...

anymore good stories you wanna share? picture of the bebe? i'm not the only one that cares and checks the blog daily just in case you get the motivation to share a thought or two, LOL. loves & hugs!

Annalisa said...

i haven't given up on checking your, but just know that i'm jealous you're out living life and enjoying it while i'm stuck inside checking blogs at work, in the dungeon, in the no access facebook, no access cell phone area, no! oh, the joys! hugs!

Anonymous said...

i think you guys live such a beautiful life. i always feel uplifted when i visit your blog. so keep posting.

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