Sunday, December 16, 2007

O Christmas Tree!

It is really to bad that we didn't have our camera with us when we went to get our tree...

We first set out Friday night, and I asked Bobby if we should take our camera. His response was that might be a little bit overboard on the picture taking. So the camera was left at home. But it turns out after running other errands, we didn't have time to find a very good tree that night, and vowed to set out again on Saturday.

Due to the conversation the previous night, I didn't take a second thought at grabbing the camera for the outing. But we did wish that we had it for this occasion. The snow was DUMPING down as we drove to find a lot with little trees that weren't too wimpy. By the time we got to one and got out- you couldn't even see through the giant flakes. We we walked into the lot with me clutching Bobby's arm, and trying to blink the snowflakes off of my eyelashes, the people working there said they wished they had a camera to document the sight of it. But in the dumping snow, we found our perfect tree.

I did run upstairs to grab the camera for the unloading of the tree off the car. It wasn't dumping as hard anymore, but it still made for a good photo!


Annalisa said...

Wow. That's so funny. Gotta love the photo of Bobby holding the tree upside those photos of people who catch their big fish...LOL. Looks like the perfect little tree for newlyweds!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty tree - it looks perfect for your apartment! Love ya - Mom