Friday, June 27, 2008

Rodeo Time

Growing up, I'm fairly certain there was a rodeo every year at the Silver Dollar Fair, yet I never did participate in this interesting yet highly entertaining ritual.

A few years ago, I attended my first Rodeo out here in Utah, and decided that once a year (if I went more often than that, I think it would lose its nostalgic appeal) I have to make sure to attend the Rodeo. I have deemed the Strawberry Days Rodeo in Pleasant Grove my favorite (though truth be told, I haven't been to any other... and I can't bear to- I love the small town charm that comes out in this strange western ritual!)

What do I love about this event you ask?

#1. The Mutton Busting- Small children trying their darndest to stay on very confused sheep!

#2. The Strawberry's & Cream- for a dollar you can get yourself a cup of fresh strawberries and cream. Yummy!

#3 The wild cow milking. Several teams of 3 crazy men chase after wild cows that are let out of the rodeo shoots and attempt to get some milk out of them into a small bottle. The first team with a measurable amount wins. In the mean time we get to watch grown men get dragged around trying to grab/hang on to wild cows. It is pretty hilarious.

I'll be perfectly honest, after these three events are over, I'd be content to go home before the bull riding ever starts, and the "be nice to animals" side of me comes out during some events.

This year was Bobby's first rodeo. I think he appreciated it well enough. But his favorite part, hands down, was the motor cross halftime show. Crazy stunts on motorcycles. I thought the men were going to die like 5 times. Bobby loved it!


Annalisa said...

lol. i only like watching bull riding on tv.

kristin said...

the photo of the little boy on the sheep is so cute. i want to let my kids ride on sheep and i want to too, that sounds so fun!

Anonymous said...

I too love the Rodeo, but have only really been as an adult. Unfortunately the last time I tried to go I had unruly children who ruined it for me, ugg. But I vow that I will go back some time!

Lorri said...

That is so cool! I love the sheep picture!