Thursday, September 4, 2008


I had a work conference this weekend, I was supposed to be gone Thursday all day, spend the night in Moab, and return late Friday night. All this just a mere 2 days after finally having a house to move into... I sat in the conference Thursday and immediately knew that the subject of the conference was not only uninteresting to me, but also not very applicable to my job.

I began texting Bobby and suddenly was just sad to spend a night away from my husband, especially in our new little house. I spend a good couple of our in anxious indecision before deciding that I was going back home. Forget the rest of the conference, forget the playing in Moab (i was by myself so that wasn't going to be much fun anyway) and forget that it had taken me 3 1/2 hours of driving to get their already that day, I was ready to turn around and go right back, and that I did.

Bobby greeted me later that day and told me that he doesn't like it when I'm gone and he's home. I'm glad he knows how it feels, but most importantly, and pathetic as it may be, I'm just glad that we like each other so much!

Here is what we have to show for ourselves in out new little house:

Many boxes, and though we hadn't quite decided exactly what we were going to do to the house, and what we were going to wait and save up for, I should have known that when you leave a restless husband alone in a new house, you could come home to an adventure... This is what I saw when I got home from Moab, a brief 48 hours since we got the keys to our little home!


Annalisa said...

LOL LOL...well, at least Bobby was keeping busy.

Frankman's said...

i know, i get super bummed when i'm a part from dave too! it's super cheesy and pathetic, but true! :-)

The Meesh said...

Sniff sniff. True love. Someday, if I'm good, maybe I can have that too. :)