Sunday, September 7, 2008

stake conference

Now I know this was probably not the message I was supposed to take from Stake conference, and I'm not sure I know any men in my life that would honk their horns at me.. But one of my favorite quotes from Elder Packer was something a women said to her husband on a Sunday morning in regards to swapping household roles,

"you get the kids ready and I'll go sit in the car and honk."


Annalisa said...

lol!! actually normally i have the kids in the car and we're waiting for geoff...honking at him. i think i should repent. good think our stake conference is tomorrow, i might find something useful.

kristin said...

We had the same broadcast for our stake conf and had to laugh because Joseph gets the kids ready (except for Isabel's hair) and gets them loaded in the car as I'm doing last min things....but they don't honk at me. he he he.