Saturday, October 18, 2008

her day

I moved in with Kat straight out of the dorms in '99, and we ended up living together every time we were both living in the United States until I got married in 2007 (and then Bobby and I even lived with her for a bonus month while we were waiting for our house to close...)

She is incredible, and after that many years, she is better described as a sister than friend.

Today, Steve joins the family, and we welcome him, especially because he brings such a gorgeous smile to Kat's face.

Kat and I discovered long runs together, with orange slices in our pockets. We explored mountains, and learned survival skills. We went on road trips with guys we wanted to leave behind, and had dance parties behind closed doors. She is quiet and kind, but has a kick and a sense of humor you'll miss if you don't get to know her.

Steve, you'd better take care of this girl! Bon Voyage on the Honeymoon!

P.S. Kat & Steve you'd better not forget Grandpa Pfosts well wishes at the wedding dinner.. I believe you got the very direct command to start producing a male Pfost great-grand child ASAP!


Stephanie said...

Don't you love friends like this?! They are irreplaceable!

Annalisa said...

wow, kat is married. that's great! she does look happy.

The Marshall Family said...

Hey Megan, I love looking at your blog. You two are so cute. I just read your post on my blog and wanted to say that my hubby literally laughed at me when I told him my plan to go natural and I did it. It wasn't as hard as some make it out to be so if you want to then do it! (the end was killer though! - but survivable)

Diana and Scott said...

She looks so beautiful. I'm so sad I missed her wedding. Where is she gonna live? I need to send her a present but don't know where. Darn it, she needs a blog :o).