Monday, October 13, 2008

Sailed the Ocean Blue

Lately, when I've been getting too stir crazy to run at the gym- I've decided to go tackle the mountain instead. So I've been hiking to the "Y" and back a couple times a week.

Last night Bobby assigned me the activity for Family Home Evening. (he should know never to do that!) So I took him with me on the little hike up the "Y" mountain. Bobby doesn't have a lot of love for hiking, so I'm sure glad he loves me and will appease my love for it once in a while.

And just for kicks, here is Bobby running away from me on the Mountain. First- because he wants to get the uphill over with and second- because he thinks he'll succeed in not having me take pictures of him that way. Little did he know that it hadn't occurred to me to take pictures of him at that point until he started running away!

So Happy Columbus day to all out there. I didn't get it off work this year, after we switched to the 4 day/10 hours schedule, but I'll take any excuse to celebrate anyway!

Which reminds me... two years ago today when I had the day off work, Bobby and I went to look at the fall leaves and Bobby accidentally told me he loved me. It went something like this, "that's because I love.. uh... uh.. I mean I like you.."


mynameisbobby said...

ya that mountain sucked

Stephanie said...

I've been wanting to hike to the Y forever - but we are always too busy :) Looks like fun!

#A5 said...

maybe bobby's dislike of hiking comes from the time we were hiking horsetail falls in CA and ended up on the scariest precipice ever? with the falls roaring and plummeting hundreds of feet down about six feet away from us, i'm pretty sure all of us wanted to cry.

and then when we got to the top we threw ourselves into hypothermia-inducing water. maybe not his best introduction to "real" hiking. . .

Becky Nelson said...

Meg, I love the blog. I love to see what you are up to. It looks like the new house has a lot of work to finish. I wish we had a house to work on, I love that type of work. WE made carmal apples last night while we carved our pumpkins. I need to work on my blog, but it is something I keep putting on the back burner. Take care.