Monday, March 9, 2009

happy 2 years

Bobby created this little scavenger hunt for me monday night..
(This clue he left next to our beloved Chaser, who was with us on our wedding day, but appears to be nearing his last swim...)

the husband had stashed all these goodies with an evening full of plans in the high kitchen cabinets for me to find. (Luckily the flower leaves were hanging out a bit just begging for me to find them!)

Thanks for always making me smile bobby. you are my favorite.

*the screen is currently broken on our camera- so we are basically making our bests guess at the general direction of our object and hoping for the best when we download them.. It has been broken since V-day when we think someone sat on it??? So there is no camera fanciness for the time being.. Or even aiming for that matter..


Anonymous said...

awww, happy anniversary guys!!!!

Amy said...

very sweet! you guys are so creative!

Annalisa said...

lol...that oven clue was tricking...i thought you were announcing a "bun in the oven" and then i read through the post correctly (three is you, bobby & stinson, and if that miracle happens, chaser will make four). smiles! i know i'm still recovering from the flu, yes, that's my excuse for strange comments today.

Tiffany said...

Happy Anniversary! Yeah for you two!;) Hopefully we'll get to meet each other's hubbies someday!

Unknown said...

what a sweet husband you have!