Thursday, August 27, 2009


last weekend traci asked me how the house was coming along.

i know we've been bad with updates lately, forgive me. I didn't take many before pix, but hope this weekend will produce some after shots!

she looked at my bright yellow pants and told me that she knew my house must be full of bright bold colors.

sadly, i had to admit, the only color on our walls is a blue-gray we picked/created (that's a whole different story) as our neutral (because if you don't know it about me yet- NOT a tan-fan... even when you disguise it with names like taupe...)

for years i have been dreaming of having a house to paint with bright colors. and thus far, i have only painted blue-gray? what is wrong with this picture...

so this week, as our second bedroom has been in the wrapping up stages. i have been reawakened to the dreams of bright colors.

yet i'm stumped.

these green and orange swatches are OUT. free samples you pick of the internet= not accurate color perception.

the husband gave me a deadline of 5:30pm to pick the wall color. he is laying the flooring tomorrow.

and let's be honest, without a deadline i will spend hours agonizing about this, and make myself quite crazy.


Annalisa said...

lol. color-challenged?!

somehow i imagined you using that green and orange. white basic room. headboard/modeling/trim about 3 feet up and under it green and orange spots of all sizes. or some of that creative vinyl leaves and trees or such. something clean refreshing looking and not solid color anywhere.

good luck!

check out these:

And this one only because it shows the headboard/trim idea:

John said...

good for bobby! giving deadlines and all.